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Voltage Large by Raquel Welch

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Large
  • Cap Construction: Capless

Availability: In stock

List Price: $159.00

Price: Price: $135.15

Voltage Large by Raquel Welch | TOP SELLER | Personal favorite of Raquel Welch*  | Color: R829S+
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  1. Love this hairstyle
    I have had this hairstyle for years, cutting my own hair to these dimensions. This is my first wig. The color I chose is R119G which is close to my natural color at this time. Pretty sure no one will guess it's a wig. Sunglasses in, like always. Love it!

    Also reviewing customer service? Shannon was spectacular! Thanks

    By Marilyn on 4/1/16
  2. everyone wants to know where i get my hasir done!
    very stylish, wild and fun. I love the bicolored one for summer looks like a professional color. I work as a nurse and tell patients with thinning hair all about your website. I have had thin hair all my life and I thank your products for increasing my confidence. With this product I know people are looking at my hair with envy and not sentiment.
    By Anita on 3/31/16
  3. love it
    I love this style.. I got average cap size and its huge!!! I need a petite but there is no smaller sizes..other then that its an awesome wig..
    By Freda on 3/15/16
  4. Great Cut and Great Fit!
    As you may know I have tried several styles before "finally" finding one that works for me. It has been a learning curve for me as a first time wig buyer and now soon to be wig wearer. I have also spoken with your customer service reps as well. Although Raquel Welch does not have samples I was sent a Paula Young set of gray samples and that did help me get an idea of what shade would work best with me.

    I was a natural light ash blonde until age 13 when I began coloring my hair and on my 60th birthday I decided it was time to let my natural gray grow out. It was the best decision that I have made regarding my hair. It was thin and overly stressed from decades of coloring my hair. I hated to have my photo taken. After needing to really go much shorter than I wanted to in order to be completely dye free my own hair has really bounced back. It is much thicker and softer. I rarely use conditioner either.

    However, after the initial flush of really short hair I just hated it. I was used to having at least shoulder length hair and I just plain felt that the shorter style wasn't "me". So, I am in the process of growing my hair out. I haven't done this since I was a teenager and it is really hard to style my hair.

    Enter the idea of wearing a wig. Well, I have white hair through the front and a very pale silver in the very back. That is not an easy mix to match. Hence the 'safari' to look for a wig that shade. The shade R61 (palest pearl) is THE BEST for me. Perfect! However it isn't featured in many of these wigs. So, I did get the darker silver gray mix in this wig. It is darker than either the dyed color or my own natural color but it is complementary.

    The main reason why I wanted to get as close to my own natural color is that I want to wear it when I am out while my hair grows out so I wanted it to be believable. Contrary to others, I want it to 'pass' for my own hair. My own hair is great (no complaints) but it is at a very ugly stage in growing out and I am limited in the styling choices I can do and I am quite handy with the curling iron, teasing comb and blow dryer so it is not lack of skill.

    I do want all who have shared their secrets because I learned from your comments and it helped me a lot in making my purchases as well as knowing how to both wear and care for my wig.

    I love the Raquel Welch line and if there were more choices in a size Large I would have quite a lot of wigs to choose from. So, if anyone who makes decisions reads this please more Large sizes as well as lighter shades of grays.

    P.S. Gray is the new Blonde. Just saying. ;)


    By Pamela on 2/2/16
  5. Ordered the large, too big
    I ordered a Raquel wig before and loved it, but it was too small (it was an average) kept creeping up. I had to donate it as it was too late to return. I decided to get this one in a large as it seemed to be what I thought would like more natural. There was just too much hair and I ordered the wrong color, dark brown with gold highlights. It was too dark and the highlights were just too sparse. It made it look like skunk hair. Had it had more highlights it would have been more believable. The wig was way too large for me and the style was not remotely close to the one Raquel had on. I am sure she has a good stylist. I do not have a high forehead so it looked rather like a hat. I worked with it and worked with it. Since they are not going to take it in return, I don't believe it is something you can do easily, I just donated it. Way to much money to just give away, but I would not be able to wear it in public without snickers. It was too oily looking for my taste. It may have been because it was so dark, I don't know. There were a lot of good reviews is why I bought it, but to each his own. This did not work for me. I did however buy another wig that fit perfectly, looked so cute on and had just enough hair in it to flatter and look like my own hair. So not an all around bad experience.
    By Nancy on 7/17/15
  6. Love Raquel Wigs!
    So thrilled to finally have an option for a Large size wig, that is cute. I love Raquel Welch wigs. Color and quality is awesome. Voltage is easy to style. We need more options in LARGE ... PLEASE!
    By CT on 6/12/15
  7. In Response to Jan (4-13-2015) VOLTAGE - MOST FABULOUS WIG EVER!
    Jan, I have been wearing VOLTAGE LARGE for years in Midnite Brown. I have 5 in that color. Don't you think it's time for new colors!!!!
    Girl, your life is not over - it is just moving over that little bump in the road! You just have to make some adjustments. You seem to be such a lovely person, and your husband must have been so proud to have had you as such a caring, giving wife. ALWAYS remember him, and be thankful for having had him in your life. Talk to everyone about your wonderful life, and what is yet to come! Just remember that many people in this world know your pain, and love you.
    I am 64 years old, and I, too, started wearing wigs at a time that I was very depressed. I have overcome the depression, thanks to TIME, PROZAC, and RAQUEL'S VOLTAGE WIG!
    The cut is GORGEOUS-- It is so easy to style, looks so real, is a great price, and takes 5 YEARS off of one's for another color
    By KAREN on 4/27/15
  8. just purchased this wig a few minutes ago
    The wig looks fantastic on the 'ever young and gorgeous" Raquel Welch.
    My hair should be about the color that I ordered, at least I hope it's close. I have always had very dark brown hair with golden highlights. Until my husband passed away a few months ago, I had always kept my hair colored. I grieved so terribly bad for his loss as he was the very best part of my life. I have been depressed and spend most of my time in bed as I can't seem to care about doing anything. I feel like my life is over. I am 70 years old and have taken care of myself until the past 2 years of his Cancer and subsequent death. I've been in our Florida Condo since I flew here immediately following his funeral. I am going back home on the 25th of April, back to a home with a lot of terrible memories, for me. I decided to try and feel better about myself and that is why I have ordered this wig. It's ordered in light gray, and 20% medium brown. My hair is totally gray now but has a darkness to it that you can tell I was once a brunette.. I hope this wig makes me feel like a human being again. If you can't tell strangers, there is no one else to share something this personal. God Bless You All, as I know that I'm not in this world alone with my problems.
    By Jan on 4/13/15
  9. Really cute
    A very stylish wig. It looks natural and makes you feel really zazzy. I love Raquel Welch wigs. They make ll the difference in the world when your hair begins to thin.
    By NANCY on 1/25/15
  10. voltage
    I have worn Voltage now for years and have loved it. The shadow shades are so natural everytime I wear it ladies ask where I have my hair done. Lately I have had to return them as they are shorter do not lay correctly difficult to work with and just do not look the same. No one is commenting on them any longer. The replacements are not much better. . It used to be a great wig! Hope the quality comes back again!
    By BJ on 11/6/13
  11. Love the wig!
    Why don't you have Shadow shades anymore?
    By cherrie on 10/18/13
  12. Very Sassy & Cute!
    The Raquel Welch Voltage-Large wig is a must-have. I wear it when I am in a hurry need color or when I am too lazy to style my own. I began losing hair a few years back and I did not become stressed over it because of the Raquel Welch line of wigs. I came across them on the internet. All reviews were fantastic and she has a good deal of colors to choose from. I purchased this one in a Midnite Brown. Every time I wear it invariably someone tells me how they love the cut and color. When I tell them it's a wig they say how natural it looks. I shake it out place on my head place a few bobby pins spray w/wig spray and use my fingers to style. It washes very well (follow directions) air dries very fast and comes out looking A+++++. I have an extra one that is ready to wear to take this one's place.
    By Isabella Ricci on 10/11/13
  13. Midnight Brown Voltage Large Cap - Very SASSY!
    Finally!!! Perfect style for me. This wig is sassy easy to style youthful.
    Just shake it out put it on place a few bobby pins style with fingers spray and go out the door! It is a pleasure to have this as a backup when I don't have time need hair color or don't feel like styling my own hair. I have an extra one on hand and I plan on getting another in a different color.
    By Pip on 10/3/13
  14. Fits me perfect
    I love the full bangs and the style fits me perfectly.
    By Betty on 6/19/13
  15. Didn't work for me
    I did not know how to style this wig. The style was just not for me but overall it is a great wig if you prefer the flipped out look.
    By Kay Cole on 6/19/13
  16. Voltage
    Great Wig
    By Georgiana on 6/19/13
  17. Just my size!
    I have a big head and I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a style I liked in a large cap size but I did. It's a really pretty wig it's comfortable and fits well. It's also very affordable. I'm so glad they make this wig in Large!
    By AC on 6/19/13
  18. Perfect
    This style is so perfect for me. I enjoy wearing the RW-Voltage it is so natural.
    By Catherine on 6/19/13
  19. Rate it a 10
    I rate it a 10 love it so much very natural
    By Sara F on 6/19/13
  20. too much hair on top
    Beautiful wig but too much hair on top of wig for me
    By L Terry on 6/19/13
  21. it is amazing!
    On a scale of 1 to 5 I give this item a 10. It is wonderful. this is my first wig order. It is difficult to see the colors online but with help I was able to select a wonderful color it is amazing! The hair looks so real it is ridiculous!
    By Tonyia on 5/15/12
  22. It's my size!
    I love the Raquel Welch Voltage. It's absolutely gorgeous! Please suggest to manufacturer to make more large cap size styles available to us cranial challenged individuals!
    By Michelle on 12/16/11
  23. Voltage Large
    As a first time wig wearer I can say this experience has been a good one. I wore it for 2 days and have received 5 compliments.
    By JM on 4/7/11

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