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Wig Head Stand by BeautiMark

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Wig Stand by BeautiMark
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Wig Stand by BeautiMark

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  1. Great concept, poor construction
    I had the same issues some other reviewers had, the ring is too small and broke the first time I tried to put the stand together. I can just used some tape to tape it up, but it would be nice to purchase a product where the pieces come in the correct sizes for assembly so they don't break.

    Outside of that issue, I like the stand. It's easy to put together and works well to let your hair pieces air dry while maintaining the shape of the piece. Hopefully the manufacturer fixes their sizing issue with the top ring soon.
    By JD on 10/27/16
  2. Works for me!
    The stand works for me and doesn't stretch your wig. Its also very easy and convenient to travel with.
    By By Marva on 8/2/16
  3. Doesn't Do It
    I agree with the other reviewers that aren't that happy.
    They sell another wig hanger that does work and you can dry your wig hanging in the shower and hang it on a door hanger.
    It works great!
    By Bri on 12/1/15
  4. Wig Stand
    I have used this wig stand for two years. It is durable. It is easy to put together.
    By Buni on 9/6/15
  5. Good idea/poor construction
    Good idea but poor construction. The ring broke the first time I put it together. After reading these reviews I understand this is not an isolated case. Maybe the manufacturer will come out with a better product.
    By Lisa on 5/21/15
  6. pretty flimsy
    The plastic ring that goes on the top broke the very first time I used it! I taped it and am still using it, but it's pretty flimsy. I gave it a 3 because it's handy to use when traveling.


    We're so sorry to hear this! We notified our customer service manager to contact you and send you a replacement stand. Thank you for your review and for choosing!
    By Linda on 1/3/15
  7. They're easy . . .
    I have like 10 of these in my closet. They're easy to put together and take apart. They are a little flimsy but I only use them to hold the wig when it's not on my head.
    By Lane on 9/11/14
  8. Ring too small
    I thought this look like a well thought out wig stand I still do. But I took it out of the shipping box unwrapped it followed the directions to put it together and the ring broke as I tried to put it in place. I was shocked. It's too small for the stand. I may try it without the ring to see if it's stable. But not happy when a product breaks while assembling.
    By Nicki on 8/30/14
  9. No Problems
    I have had one of these for at least three years and a second one over two years no problems. I keep similar metal stands in my two suitcases for travel. I did notice in the picture the top ring has the four little tabs pointed down instead of upward they will hold the wig in place better when styling it after washing if they are upward.
    By Judy on 6/21/14
  10. Poor construction
    Broke the top ring putting it together. Too hard to put together and too easy to break but great idea to have openness for drying wigs. I expect it to work well when I was the wigs. But too much bigger than foam wig heads to use regularly.
    By Stacey on 6/8/14
  11. does the job
    I use this stand to hold my wig when I'm not wearing it and its much better than keeping it in the box. I suggest getting several if you have more than 1 wig. I have a row of them in my closet. I'll never leave my wig in the box again!
    By Lucy on 4/24/14
  12. Good idea poor construction
    This stand packs well for travel works fine drying a wig after washing. But I discovered one day the ring on top had broken all on its own. I've owned the stand only 3 1/2 months.
    By Barbara on 2/21/14

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