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Top 18 of 2018: See Which Wigs Won Your Heart This Year!

So...that's a wrap! 2018 has officially come to an end. But we can't let it go that easy! Before we say goodbye to this amazing year, we must first pay homage to the wigs that have won our hearts. 
The Wig Experts have made a list of the wigs you have loved the most in 2018, and be warned - it WOWS! See which wigs you've pushed to the top for being the very best of the best this year!
Code Mono - Ellen Wille
This is the Editor's Choice and it's easy to see why - So stunning. Way-to-go Code Mono!
Ignite - Jon Renau
Zara - Jon Renau
Voltage - Raquel Welch
Voltage is the Number 1 Best Seller of the 2018!
Winner - Raquel Welch
Sky - Noriko
Miranda - Jon Renau
Miranda wins the hearts of many, and is a top choice on our models for photo and video shoots.
Reese - Noriko
Show Stopper - Raquel Welch
Upstage - Raquel Welch
Upstage is one of your favorites, making it's way to the top with countless five star ratings.
Editor's Pick - Raquel Welch
Rachel - Jon Renau
Tab - Ellen Wille
Tab is the number one short style, praised by customers for it's perfect design and fit!
Straight Up With a Twist - Raquel Welch
Sparkle - Raquel Welch
Sarah - Jon Renau
Sarah is our Top Influencer Choice, stealing the show with wonderful reviews and a phenomenal following.
Carrie Exclusive - Jon Renau
Julianne - Jon Renau
Tell us what which wig is your all time favorite of 2018 in the comments section below!

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