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BLOOM - Fashion colors for your hair

I love that saying “Bloom where you’re planted“. It’s an easy reminder to take what you have and make the best of who you are or where you are! It’s so easy to look in the mirror and pick apart what you don’t like, or focus on all you would like to be different in your life. But we have to decide to do some mental spring cleaning! We are putting on a new attitude and going to bloom! This month, the focus is a budding new look. It’s time to make a change no matter how small.

Bloom means beauty. The act of becoming beautiful is something we must do intentionally. We believe the quickest and easiest way is a new hairstyle. It doesn’t have to be dramatic (although this is the perfect time for a vivid new color). Stepping out of your comfort zone just a tiny bit can make a huge difference. A new wig makes it easy to throw on instantly perfect hair in minutes. Whether you have bio hair or not is irrelevant. Any woman deserves to have the option to change your hair color are your style when the mood strikes.
One of the biggest trends the season is fashion colors for your hair. Lavender, pink, vibrant berry, or blue hues are everywhere! There is no age limit to this hair trend. But one thing you cannot escape is the chemical damage dying your hair these gorgeous vivid colors cause. With wigs, you get to have it all! Spring is all about color. So go for it. Lilac is one of my favorites!
Lavender Wig | Wigs.com
Another spring trend going strong this year are waves! Curves are everywhere. Especially for hair. Straight and sleek has always been totally high end, but the rules are bending.  Curves and waves are in high demand at salons across the country… Actually, the world!  But magazine worthy curls are not easy to achieve for everyone.  One surefire way to get the look is with wigs or toppers. Want them quick and absolutely weatherproof? Make sure to go for synthetic wigs. Synthetic hair has the curl pattern baked in, so April showers are nothing but sunny days as far as you’re concerned!
Wavy Wigs | Wigs.com
Look, we know that not everybody is thrilled about wearing wigs. When you have to wear a wig, it can be because of something you’re not thrilled about… But many of us wear wigs not because we have to but because we love them and understand how much easier it can make polishing our look a reality. It takes courage to throw on a new attitude and a wig quite frankly. You do have to own it in order to rock it! The truth is, most people notice your attitude and confidence about yourself way before they notice specific details about your hair or appearance. It’s so easy to be self-conscious (we all are) but it’s important to remember when it comes to wigs, if you follow some basic tips to get the most natural look from your hair, whether it is synthetic or human hair… You will look good. You can count on it!
So no matter the reason you have to, love to, or choose to wear hair… Bloom where you’re planted :-)
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