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Dating and Wigs

I have a confession to make. I love my bio-hair. But, there is something about wigs. Having the ability to completely elevate a look, become a different person, or to make a statement wherever I go. However, though my love of wigs is something that has always been in my life and in my friend’s lives, I have not had the best experiences when dating.

Now, I wouldn’t whip out the wig collection within the first ten minutes of meeting someone, but when I would let them know, I would get immediate backlash for reasons I have always been confused by. 

“Why? Don’t you like how you look?”

“Why are you hiding yourself?”

“You are spending too much money on something frivolous”

“Those colors aren’t natural 

These are all real things I have been told by previous partners; and i'm sure I am not the only one. Expressing yourself through fashion comes in a great many forms and no one person has the same way of expressing themselves. I chose the medium of hair because it is something I am good at and enjoy; the same as with a friend of mine who loves makeup. However, with popular celebrities integrating wigs into their style, they are becoming a bit more accepted. 

Being judged on your appearance or on who you are as a person, can be incredibly difficult, but something I have learned recently is that if they can’t love you at your perceived worst, they don’t deserve to love you at all.

Recently, I started dating again. When I did, I had planned on not telling help about my affinity for wigs until I was sure about him. Unfortunately, I got sick one night we were supposed to go out and when he brought me something to make me feel better, he saw them in my closet. I was convinced that this was going to be the end of it, when he decides to take one of them off of the stand and put it on his head. After looking at himself in the mirror, he commented about how he “could get used to wearing these. They make me feel like a rock star.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Finally after dealing with so much judgement, someone didn’t make feel self conscious about who I am.

Though you shouldn’t need to have the approval of others to define who you are, it is hard to completely separate yourself from judgement. So whether you love to wear wigs, eyeliner so sharp it could cut you, or by wearing every color under the sun, you should wear your personality on your sleeve and take the world by storm.

If I can offer one piece of advice, it would be this: you don’t need the world to love you, and even you are allowed to have bad days. Find that person who makes you feel like a rockstar everyday of the week - even when you don’t - and your life, much like your heart, will be full.



What are your experiences in dating with wigs?

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