Switch Up Your Style with Jon Renau Wigs

Switch Up Your Style with Jon Renau Wigs

Maybe you've decided it's time for a new look and ready to be bold and switch hair styles.. Well, great news! This guide is the latest addition to the Wigs.com series on switching up your favorite wig to something just a bit different.

We'll list out best-selling Jon Renau wigs and offer slightly different alternatives you can try for a new look.


Ignite by Jon Renau

Ignite by Jon Renau

Ignite is a fiery and bold look. Fans love the versatility of this chin-length bob style.


If you want a longer nape area: Eve


Ignite keeps it short in the nape. To add some more length here, check out heat-friendly synthetic Eve. Eve adds half of an inch to the nape with an asymmetrical bob.


If you want to try a longer style: Victoria 


Is Ignite just not long enough? Victoria keeps the same basic look and style as  Ignite but adds over 3 inches to the sides.



Zara by Jon Renau

Zara by Jon Renau

Everyone loves Zara, including you! Despite this love, however, you’re looking for just a little more from this long layered style.


If you want to go shorter: Courtney

After experimenting with the length of Zara, do you find yourself pining for something shorter? Courtney is still a long look but is several inches shorter than Zara. At the sides, Courtney is 5 inches shorter.


Add a fringe: Camilla

If your reflection is matching a cute bang, I get it. Zara doesn’t have it, but Camilla does. Camilla still has cascading long layers like Zara but adds a bold side-swept bang.



Mila by Jon Renau

Mila by Jon Renau

Mila is the style we see on starlets all over Hollywood: a shoulder-grazing lace-front synthetic with effortless beachy waves.


If you want to go shorter: Scarlett

With warmer weather approaching, no one could blame you for wanting something shorter. Scarlett loses a few inches without sacrificing the waves or lace front.


If you want a longer style: Sarah

The heat might not scare you, though, and you think summer is the perfect time to go long, long, long! Sarah keeps the Jon Renau SmartLace front while giving 5 more inches of gorgeous curls.


Add a fringe: Jessica

“But bangs are so in right now!” you think while you look at your Mila wig. We hear you. Meet Jessica. She has big round curls and volume for days, along with a perfect straight-across bang. You do lose the SmartLace front, though.



Allure by Jon Renau

 Allure by Jon Renau

The allure of this Jon Renau wig is evident. This ready-to-wear layered pixie just goes with everything, so of course, you have it in your collection!


If you want to go longer: Jazz


Oh, Allure - it’s not your fault! You just don’t have the length. Jon Renau’s Jazz does, however - and it keeps the same fuss-free layered pixie. Both Allure and Jazz come in petite sizes. Only Allure comes in large, however.


Less texture: Evan


While you’ve previously obsessed over the textured pixie of Allure, you’re looking to try something a little more sleek. Hello, Evan! Evan is cropped and keeps the full bang, but it’s styled and ready-to-wear straight.


Have you experimented with switching up your Jon Renau wigs? Do you have any other suggestions for the switch-up? Let us know in the comments!

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