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Fall in LOVE...With Who You Are!

Who is the one person you spend every single moment of every day with?....YOU!
So, your best bet is to love yourself! This is a tall order. It is hard to truly see the beautiful in ourselves and own our gifts and characteristics.  We live in a world that begs comparison…not tall enough, skinny enough, pretty enough...just not enough!  Mentally, it is exhausting. You can hear wonderful praise from all around you but, as Julia Robert’s character said in Pretty Woman, “the bad stuff is so much easier to believe.”


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Each one of us is wonderfully made and no two are alike. This is great because how can you compare to anyone when there is no one else like you?!  Beauty is a compilation of many aspects of a person, but true beauty is the ability to love and appreciate all of those facets of who you are.  Here at wigs.com, we always say our goal is to help women of all walks find and bring out their true beauty.  We sell hair and hair is a big piece of who we perceive ourselves to be in the physical sense.  It is part of our identity.  We know we can give you perfect hair as we have the best wigs, hairpieces, and extensions to do it, but we also want to do more. Loving yourself is truly more important than what your hair looks like. Don’t get me wrong...I think every woman has the right to feel great about her hair and we have the products and education to help you do it, but you will never see the beauty we are hoping for if you don’t love yourself!  Here are some of our tips for loving who you are…or at least, working your way to falling in love with you. 😉


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Be positive about yourself.  -  Stinkin Thinkin… #1 killer of self-confidence and appreciation. We all talk to ourselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. In fact, it is likely that we tell ourselves things we would never even tell our enemy!  Stop the negative self-talk. There are no accidents and you are definitely not one. Everything about you is right for you! This doesn’t mean you will not have bad experiences or take wrong turns, it means you are made with the ability to succeed and make the best of any situation you encounter.  If you are listening to your own stinkin thinkin, you may not even have it in you to try!

Life is short…if you don’t protect yourself (and this starts with your inner voice), who will?  Take every opportunity to celebrate any of your victories or accomplishments, no matter how small. Let yourself enjoy any good you can possibly think of. It all starts with that little inner voice...LOVE YOURSELF!


Put all judgements aside.  -  Judgment is so negative…it is like walking through a cloud of smoke and expecting that you will not smell of it after…just won’t happen! When we lift our finger to point out the flaws or negative aspect of others, we are basically pointing 3 fingers back at ourselves! We are often projecting that we don’t like ourselves. When you are practicing encouraging others, it is a bit easier to encourage yourself. It is so easy to become a slave to opinions (your own as well as other’s), and this leads right back to that negative inner voice. Believe in others. They are trying to get by just like you are… help them. 😉  Lift others up and you will be surprised how you rise as well!


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Push yourself just a bit each day.  -  If we are too comfortable...we are not growing! Set goals and believe you can do it. Definitely live in the present. Enjoy and be thankful for each day…I know...sounds corny, but it is true. A heart that is thankful just steps a little lighter through life. Be present, but also push yourself a little each day out of your comfort zone.  Try something new, work out a little harder, hit a goal you thought would be tough for you and you will have a victory to celebrate. Set goals for yourself and work a each day to hit them. Try a new hair style. 😉  Stepping out of your comfort zone will help you feel good about who you are and what you can accomplish. It doesn’t have to be big.. but it is big to you. Celebrate it! 


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So take some time for yourself to pray, reflect, just be…but get back to seeing yourself in a positive light full of promise. It just takes a little practice.  Fact: You cannot eliminate a bad habit without replacing it with a good habit. So, start replacing and love yourself. Be good to the inner child that needs a mental hug and remember that the person across from you needs one too. When you work to love…it works!

Have you fallen in love with who you are? What steps do take to make sure you do? Comment below!

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