Hair Toppers, Wiglets, Top of the Head Hair Pieces... All Mean Full Beautiful Hair!

Hair Toppers, Wiglets, Top of the Head Hair Pieces... All Mean Full Beautiful Hair!

Women (and men) are now losing their hair or thinning much younger these days than they were even 10 short years ago.  Thanks to the health of our declining environment, the GMO driven diet we are eating, and the overall stress level in our modern society… we are losing hair faster and sooner than ever!  Women are now starting to experience a decrease in hair growth in their mid to late 30’s on average.  In fact…1 in 4 women in the United States have some form of hair loss. Never before has the need for fuller more voluminous hair been such a quest for women all over the world. Shop all Hair Toppers!

Blonde Hair Topper

Many are turning to top pieces.  We tried to figure out what most people are calling these top of the head hairpieces and here are just some of the names we found:  toppers, wiglets (more of an old-fashioned name but quite popular), partial wig, top piece… toupe (not quite!).  Whatever you call it (we have decided to go with ‘toppers’) it means a perfect solution for adding volume and coverage at the top of the head where hair extensions can’t reach! 

Blonde Hair Topper

So how can you determine if hair toppers are right for you?  If you want a fuller head of hair and the root, bang, or crown area but feel a wig may not be your optimal everyday solution… toppers may be the answer. 

Hair loss comes in many forms, from thin, fine hair at the front hairline to advanced diffused hair loss throughout. Not every woman is ready for a full wig everyday but may need help with more volume every day.   More manufacturers are responding to this need.  There are so many great choices now that will leave everyone wondering “what has she done with her hair?”

Brown Hair Topper | Jon Renau Hair Toppers

 You can pick a human hair topper or a synthetic hair topper.  They are both quite beautiful and each have their benefits.  You just have to figure out your needs and wants and match them up with a human hair topper or synthetic hair.  

How To Determine The right Hair Topper For You

Hair Topper for Thinning Hair

Follow these steps to properly measure and determine the size of the area that needs coverage.

  1. Determine the area of hair loss
    Using a fabric measuring tape, measure area from front to back and record results
     Measure area from side to side and record results
  2. Once you have your measurements, make sure to compare them to the topper hair pieces you are considering.  Make sure you get at least a quarter of an inch over the size of your thinning area so you have plenty of hair to clip in to.

The great thing about hair toppers...  you can customize them to perfectly blend in to your hair.  It will give you a little boost on top... we can all use a little boost;)

Short Hair Toppers for Women


Be sure to factor in clip attachments on base. There must be a sufficient amount of hair to attach clip to.  You don’t want to use clips if there is virtually no or very little hair to clip a topper in to. If the hair is too thin, wigs will be your perfect solution. 

The most important thing to keep in mind:  Make sure you match your hair very well.  If the colors don’t match or blend naturally… you will not gain the benefit of a realistic and natural look!

Long Straight Brown Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau

How to Apply a Hair Topper

Follow these steps to properly apply the topper you have chosen.

  1. Place over area of hair loss and check in the mirror for balance and style
  2. Apply front of topper about 1”-2” (2.5 - 5 cm) back from the natural hair line. Incorporate natural hairline (if available) for most natural look
  3. Secure front clip. Place hand on top of base to support as you secure the back clip(s), keeping base flat and taught against head. Do not pull when applying
  4. Secure side clips, keeping base flat and taught against head
  5. Blend topper with hair and style as desired

If there is no hair present at the clip attachment site, you can remove the clip and apply using adhesive (on polyurethane areas only)

Top Billing by Raquel Welch | Hair Topper

So go ahead… explore one of the best tools used by celebrity hair stylists and beauty experts.  Top Piece and Hair Toppers will give you the oomph you are looking for and you can still feel like you… only better!

 Shop All: Top Pieces and Hair Toppers | Human Hair Toppers | Synthetic Hair Toppers

Do you need or want a topper? Have you ever worn one? We would love to see your comments below!


need a circle of about 2 inches—- cancer took off about a 2 inch circle bare— grey hair med.brn/black hair

De Reed

Never worn a topper, so I am nervous because I may not pick the correct size or color

Gail Lane Seabolt

I’m looking for a topper that are Curles a little old fashioned look?

Shirley Byrns

lots of advice but no hair toppers to see, also how do we pick a color?

Myra L Berger

Interested in clip-on toppers and clip-on 3/4 pieces

Lisa LeMonte

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