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Menopause Hair Changes

Posted on March 26 2018

As we get older, our bodies start to do all kinds of strange things. As a woman, we have a whole slew of negative things to look forward to like baggy eyes, saggy lady parts, and we can’t forget wrinkles! Unfortunately, that’s just the territory that you get into when you start talking about menopause. One thing that some people don’t realize is that menopause can also cause your hair to fall out. Although menopause in itself can cause hair loss, there are other factors that you can control which can help you. Yes, menopause hair loss is a real thing. Here are some tips on dealing with menopause and hair loss!


Menopause Hair Changes


Manage Stress for Menopause Hair Loss

One menopause hair thinning remedy is controlling your stress level. Stress has been the cause of hair loss not just in those who are experiencing menopause but just people in general. Menopause hair loss can subside substantially If you just find ways to relax more like taking a yoga class.

Exercise for Menopause Hair Loss

We all know that exercising is good for the body, but it can also help with menopause and hair loss. Exercise relieves stress, and also allows for your body to function properly. Because menopause hair loss goes back to a hormone imbalance, getting your body functioning properly is the best defense against losing your hair.

Scalp Massages for Menopause Hair Loss

Scalp massages are another one of those menopause hair thinning remedies which has proven to be very effective. Scalp massages in general circulate blood flow and cause the hair follicles to be stimulated and grow.

Do Your Hair Due Diligence for Menopause Hair Loss

In order to reduce the effects that menopause may have on your hair, it’s important to keep up with basic maintenance. This means keeping your ends trims at list once every 8 weeks, keeping it away from hat, and keeping it protected from the environment. Because you’re older, your hair is more prone to damage. Therefore, it will serve you well to keep your hair as healthy as possible.

Eat Right for Menopause Hair Loss

You know how people say that it’s not about what’s on the outside, it’s about the inside? Well, this actually holds some weight when you’re talking about menopause and hair loss. Eating right is yet another one of those menopause hair thinning remedies that’s easy to do.  You should try to keep a pretty balanced diet anyway, but your hair especially appreciates when you add the “B-complex” vitamins to your diet. Also, biotin, zinc, and calcium can also help tremendously. Leafy greens like spinach, lettuce, and cabbage coupled with turkey, chicken, and other lean meats are the way to go!


As you can see, there are quite a few routes you can go to aid you if you’re dealing with menopause and hair loss. We’re dying to hear what other natural remedies are out there. Are you experiencing menopause hair loss and have a tip or trick that we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments!



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  • Rebecca Walton: April 20, 2018

    Received my JR wig last pm. Very excited to wear today! Thank you to the gorgeous model and great on line videos. Your site is a game changer. This is my 1st wig. Very nervous. I’ve worn extensions for 25+ years – my poor hair is so baby fine now (not thick to begin with) but in worse shape due to age and all the damage- that I have been reluctant to return to any “fixed” hair remedy system. I am extremely anxious about looking “weird” or “alien” as though I have a “dead animal” on my head. — having the model give tips for making the wig “your own” aka natural is very helpful! Just wanted to give you feedback. 😊

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