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My 2018 Wig Wishlist | Amy Johnson

Amy Johnson shares her 2018 Wig Wishlist with Wigs.com! Amy is one of our community writers, known as @amyonwigs and @mrsplantintexas on Instagram. Have any of her choices made your 2018 Wig Wishlist?


While browsing around Wigs.com and watching wig reviews, I have mentally noted a few styles I would love to try out in 2018. A few of them are brands I haven’t tried yet, and a couple are styles I don’t own already. Even though I am a brunette at heart, I also want to go blonde at least once in 2018!



Envy is a brand of wigs I haven’t had the chance to try yet. Delaney by Envy seems like a wig you could wear to the office but also dress up for an evening out. I adore the look of her layered back and bangs. I could see myself wearing Amaretto Cream Rooted or even just the traditional 4/6 Dark Brown. 

Top Wig Brands | Delaney by Envy

Delaney by Envy | Color: Golden Nutmeg

Jon Renau

Also, I have seen dozens of wig reviews where women who look amazing in blonde wigs swear by Jon Renau’s 12FS8. Being a bio brunette (turned gray!), this has become my fantasy shade. I can’t imagine what I would look like in this color, but in 2018, I am tempted to find out. The thought of me in Jon Renau’s Jazz in 12FS8 sounds a bit brave, but I might just put a pinky in the water and see what happens!

Another Jon Renau has been on my mind, and, this year, I’m going to be brave and wish for a long wig. Zara from Jon Renau has me really intrigued. And, she looks positively delicious in FS2V/31V Chocolate Cherry! She seems like a style that has a lot of versatility. She would definitely look fabulous under a winter hat or pulled back in a loose ponytail. I’m already picturing all of the ways I could style her!

Best Wigs for Women | Jazz by Jon RenauBest Wigs For Women | Zara by Jon Renau

(Left) Jazz by Jon Renau | Color: 12FS8 & (Right) Zara by Jon Renau | Color: 24BT18S8 


Ellen Wille

Since my present bio hair is gray and I no longer color it, I’ve thought it would also be fun to try a wig in, well, GRAY! Since this is a wish list, I can wish for whatever I want, right? So, Amaze in Salt and Pepper Mix by Elle Wille would be my pick! She seems short and sassy, but her nape is long enough to cover my low hairline. I’ve never worn a human hair wig, so this synthetic/human hair combo would give me a chance to see what the maintenance and styling of human hair would be like.

Hair Color Options | Amaze by Ellen Wille

Amaze by Ellen Wille | Color: Silver Rooted 


Last (but definitely NOT least!), Autumn by Estetica caught my eye when I saw a few photos of her on Instagram. In a highlighted shade like R8/26H, I’m sure I would feel young and vibrant! I love the angled bob look, though I had already lost too much of my own hair to try this style when it first became popular. I love that I wouldn’t have to go through the motions of creating those spiral curls every day.  I could just pop Autumn on and go!

Top Wig Brands | Autumn by Estetica

Autumn by Estetica | Color: R14/26H

This year, I’m going to be a little bolder now that I feel more comfortable in my wigs. And, I hope to make some of my own wishes a reality.


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