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Perfect Ideas For Valentine's Day

It seems like only yesterday we were ringing in the new year and now it is already time to make those Valentine’s day plans. One of the most difficult decisions a woman has to make is deciding what to wear. This can be incredibly mind-numbing if your date decides that they are taking you somewhere that is a surprise… and they don’t give you any hints. This is my dilemma. I don’t know how comfortable I should dress or whether I should wear something special. 

From the hair to makeup to clothes, it can be a decision that takes the whole week leading up to it to plan out. But there are a few tricks I have learned to help me figure out what the perfect look will be. 



You could spend hours watching Valentine’s Day themed youtube tutorials, but oftentimes I have found that there are two hairstyles that are good for any social situation: Loose Curls, Braided Curly Updo. They work with almost any outfit and makeup style, and can be dressed up or down based on the other aspects of your outfit. For the instructions for how I created a braided curly updo for my last night out with my man that I learned from MissySue.

I realize this is quite a few steps, and if you find out your date is planning something a bit more casual, my favorite standby for any outing is loose curls that just cascade down my back. If you have shorter hair, something I did for my friend was take two front sections - after you have already parted it whatever direction you prefer - and create a braided design to add some texture to her short wavy locks. The most important thing is to add some dimension to your hair by adding volume either by teasing at the roots or adding some loose waves and curls no matter your hair length.




This is a whole other monster in and of itself. With how permeated culture has become with out of the box ideas for how to execute the perfectly beat face, there can be a perceived pressure to go full out for your big night. My favorites tend to be a bit more muted however. There are three looks that tend to add the right amount of romance to any look:

  1. The Smokeshow: A graphic red smokey eye, anyone? Though on the bolder side, this look is sure to stop anyone in their tracks. This effect is best achieved by mixing two shades from the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette: They Call Herand “ScandalousNext, apply the shadows on the entire crease and lower lash lines, extending outward and upward. From the same palette, use Thats Whyand blend the edges. Two coats of mascara and youre good to go! No false lashes for this look. Let the eyes speak for themselves. In order to keep all the focus on your killer eyes, stick with a nude gloss or gel lipstick. Any rosey-pinks would be the perfect topper to this bold eye catcher.
  2. Pink with Attitude: Mix pink and light metallic hues to achieve the bright eye look. The pink and light silvery or gold metallics brighten up your eyes adding an aspect of sweetness to the look. Finish this off with a subtle blush/highlighter combo and an electric pink lip.
  3. Au Natural: To achieve something a bit more subtle-y romantic. Stick with the basics. A coat of mascara in a lighter black or brown, highlighting your natural brow shape and cheekbones, and a bit of lipstick or tinted balm lets your inner radiance shine through.

Makeup is not everyone’s favorite thing, but each of these is easily achievable and look great no matter your skin tone.



Here is the bane of my existence. Buying an outfit for one night doesn’t seem all that practical, but there is a weight of pressure to appear a certain way for your partner. Here, I don’t have many tips. Because how your style shines through on this day is all you need.

Whether you are a punk rocker who wears a studded jacket with some nice pants and low cut shirt, or a vintage lover who dresses as a pin-up model, how you choose your outfit should reflect your personality and who you are.

No matter what your outfit, no matter how long you have been in your relationship, the most important thing to ask is what your partner would like to see you in. That kind of transparency is not only helpful when deciding your outfit, but including your partner in the process creates a new bond with your levels of trust and faith in one another. This is the day to celebrate your relationship and the love you have for each other. So dress for each other, and celebrate the joy of being in love.

What are your favorite ways to prepare for Valentine's Day?

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