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Skin Tone and Color Matching

Spring and Summer are right around the corner, and the temptation to wake up your old winter look with some bright hair is quite tempting. From blonde highlights to fix a washed out brunette, to a pop of a bright pastel color to brighten the mood of your entire look; the beauty world has been known to use color to add depth to your ever evolving style.

Confused about a color choice? My first and really only main suggestion would be to discuss color options with your stylist to see what colors are achievable based on your current color and treatment process; but other than that the world is your color wheel. People with lighter hair will have an easier time transitioning to a after spectrum of color, but as long as you have the assistance of a professional colorist you should have no fears when it comes to the outcome of your new look.



Oh, and also - if you are a bit too nervous to take the plunge and dye your hair a bright pink, don’t fret. You can always simply buy a wig and get to experiment a whole new set of possibilities. 

But dyeing your hair to match the seasons means that other changes must be made to your beauty routine. What once worked with your blonde locks now looks disheveled with the pastel hues cascading down the sides of your face. And, unfortunately, this means you are going to have to adjust how you “beat your face”. Especially if you are trying a new hair color for the first time, or if this is the first time you have ever changed your hair, then you should be extra careful when it comes to your eye makeup.

If you are ready to find some makeup looks that you can rock with your new hair, here are some tutorials I have found that have proven to be quite helpful: 

  1. Pink Rhapsody Eye Makeup Tutorial by EasyNeon

Just how Barbie are you looking to go? If you are ready to be the Queen
of Pink, then this tutorial is for you. Rocking a mane of gorgeous pink
hair, you might as well go all in and wear pink makeup too. This tutorial makes pink eye shadow sexy and dramatic, so you can wear pink eyeshadow without looking like you just got pink eye from borrowing your friend’s mascara wand.


  1. Purple and Pink Eye Makeup Tutorial by MakeupbyLainaBaaaby

This tutorial is for all my unicorns in training ready to elevate their color
palette. This My Little Pony-esque eye makeup look will work for both
purple and pink hair; and it will even look cute if you hair is just a
normal color. With makeup like this, the dye job is optional, but it will
certainly help you spice up your look with just the right amount of


Other tips and tricks to keep in mind

Dyeing your hair can be one of the liberating and exciting thing you can do; especially if you go for a color in the pastel family. After all, what little girl doesn’t want pink hair at some point in their childhood? But when you are styling the rest of your look with your new pink or brightly colored hair, there are going to be a lot of people who tell you that there are less options for you because you have a brightly colored mop on top of your head. But this is a LIE! When you are styling your new look, take the color wheel for a spin. Though bronzes and metallic shades are always accessible despite hair color, other than that, this is up to you.

 Good luck, and enjoy your color journey!

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