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What is a Capless Wig?

MAY 31, 2022


Wig Caps

A wig cap is the base material and foundation for your wig. Wig caps give your wig structure and allow it to fit the shape of your head. The cap is constructed from wefts or rows of hair sewn together or hand-tied into the wig cap with most wigs. The hair at the top of the cap is then styled and cut to achieve that natural look. Since the wig cap is the base of your wig, then what is a capless wig? 

A capless wig isn’t capless but is constructed using a basic cap and open wefting. Capless wigs also called “open cap” or “basic cap” wigs, still have caps, but each weft of hair is sewn with a machine onto strips of material, usually a thin vertical lace strip that leaves more space between each weft. Since there is so much space between wefts, especially at the top of the crown, these wigs are very comfortable and breathable.

The wefts are then disguised at the roots using “permatease” or permanent teasing. Permatease gives the wig more volume and body without any extra styling on your part and will conceal the wig cap. 

The Benefits of a Capless Wig

When the wefts are sewn more closely together, they are denser, less breathable on your scalp, and can be uncomfortable to wear during warmer temperatures. Since the wefts of hair on a capless wig are less dense and are sewn onto a thin strip of material, there is more open space. These open spaces between the wefts allow air to flow directly onto your scalp, providing a lot of air circulation onto your head. This construction comes in handy, especially in warmer climates and during the summer season.

A capless wig usually features elastic adjustment straps or Velcro straps inside the wig cap, allowing you to adjust the wig to fit your head size. Usually, capless wigs come with permatease, so you have a pre-styled voluminous look that will last all day. 

Because capless wigs require less cap construction than other wigs, they are more affordable, so you can add a ton to your collection without breaking the bank. Prices range from $50-500.

The Downside

The downsides to a capless wig are minimal but worth mentioning. Because capless wigs do not have a lace front or mono top, the part cannot be changed; therefore, what you see is what you get. The same goes for permatease. Depending on the style and look you’re going for, you may dislike the built-in volume with permatease. The matted hairs that give volume and body to the wig, up close, can be noticeable. However, a quick combing out at the base of the permatease will loosen it up and hide some of the matting. 

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