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OCTOBER 3, 2022 (Publish Date)

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At least once, everyone has asked themselves the iconic question: “should I get bangs?”. It’s no different when it comes to wigs with bangs! When shopping for the perfect wig, many wonder if wigs look better with bangs. While we can’t generalize — different styles of fringe hair flatter different face shapes — wigs with bangs are popular because they conceal the wig’s hairline.  
Get to know the many benefits of wearing wigs with bangs! We hope these tips help you in your search for the wigs that feel and look the most realistic for you. 

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Contrary to popular belief, high-quality synthetic wigs with bangs usually look just as natural as human hair wigs . These wigs are also a wonderful option for those new to wearing wigs because synthetic wigs are pre-styled and ready to wear. Just be prepared to put in the research! Synthetic wigs of lower quality may look fake or have an unnatural shine and feel. You’ll need to find the right one. The Ellen White Tab Wig is a synthetic lace front wig that comes in over 10 different colors — an excellent high-quality wig that looks natural and is easy to maintain.
Choosing between human hair wigs or synthetic wigs with fringe is a very
personal decision. Find what fits your unique needs!

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Wigs with bangs are a broad category! Wigs with bangs come in tons of different lengths, colors, and a wide range of styles — curtain bangs, pixie cuts, textured fringe, and so much more. Some styles highlight your eyes or draw more attention to your cheekbones. To see which wigs look better with bangs, you’ll have to decide which style of fringe hair you like best for your face shape!  

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