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Community Stories

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How to Deal with Hair Loss | Wigs.comSolution to Thinning Hair by Amber | My Mom walked in, and I blurted it out randomly. “Mom, I’m wearing a wig.” She looked over at me with a face of shock. “Whaaaaat?” She replied. You guys, MY MOTHER. My mother who birthed me, raised me, and KNEW I didn’t have the thickest head of hair… she didn’t even realize it was fake. Perhaps there may have been times she noticed something different, but she never could pin-point what it was. I soon realized MOST people don’t suspect at thing... read more Community Stories |

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"My hair has been every color except green. That will change..."

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"When I made the decision to start wearing wigs after 22 years of struggling with thinning hair (due to Androgenic Alopecia), I decided to go bold!"

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“If you are going through mild, moderate, or extreme hairloss... remember that you are not alone, and that there are SOOO many amazing options to help you along the way.”

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"Girl Mono by Ellen Wille is the best wig I have ever bought! It’s lightweight, which is extremely important for living in Florida. It has some bounce to it which none of my other wigs have. The texture is soft and smooth. The Bernstein color is fabulous!"

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"My favorite wig is Editor's Pick by Raquel Welch. I LOVE the lace front and loose waves. My bio hair would NEVER do that!"
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I am an artist, I have worked on the marketing end of the wig business for 30 years. I think an informed wig wearer is a happy wig wearer... There are a lot of benefits that women do not necessarily know. So the more you can talk about fashion, the more interest you can create.” Community Influencers



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"We want to have fun with our hair—and we find that with wigs."

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"Always look as fabulous as you were born to be!"




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