4 CAPPUCCINO | Dark Brown
4 CAPPUCCINO | Dark Brown
Platinum 107 by Louis Ferre: Color Creamy-Cocoa Color Creamy-Cocoa Color Creamy-Cocoa 4 CAPPUCCINO | Dark Brown 31/130 CHESTNUT | Medium Dark Auburn with Dark Copper Highlights 30 CINNAMON | Medium Brown and Red Blended 6/30 CREAMY COCOA | Dark Brown Blended with Medium Red 6 DARK CHOCOLATE | Dark Brown 2 DARKEST BROWN | Darkest Brown 140/22 GOLD BLONDE | Light Blonde Blended with Light Red and Blonde Highlight Tones T27/6 MARBLE BROWN | Dark Brown Blended with Light Brown, Blonde, Red Tones, Brown, Blonde, Red Tip T24B/18 MEDIUM SHADE BLONDE | Ash Blonde Blended with Golden Blonde Tones, Blonde Tip 38 MEDIUM BROWN 35% GRAY | Medium Brown with 35% Gray Tone 140/14 SPRING HONEY | Medium Blonde Blended with Light Brown Tones T613/27 WHEAT BLONDE | Light Brown, Blonde, Red with Vanilla Blonde Tones, Vanilla Blonde Tip 8/32 GINGER BROWN | Brown with Auburn Highlight Blend T6/8/28 MOCCACCHINO | Dark Brown Blended with Brown and Copper Tones, Copper Tip

Louis Ferre

Platinum 107 | Human Hair Wig (Hand-Tied)

$1,020.00 $1,275.00

100% hand tied human hair monofilament wig. Bob with soft straight body. Made from the highest quality 100% Human Hair Chinese and Indian Blend, processed to feel like European hair.Please...