N\\A Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh 2 CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE | Black/Brown 10 LUSCIOUS CARAMEL | Light Brown 12 COFFEE CAKE | Light Gold Brown 14/26 PRALINES N' CRÈME | Medium Natural-Ash Blonde and Medium Red-Gold Blonde Blend 14/24 CRÈME SODA | Medium Natural-Ash Blonde and Light Natural Blonde Blend 16 | Light Natural Blonde 16/22 BANANA CRÈME | Light Natural Blonde and Light Ash Blonde Blend 27B PEACH TART | Light Gold-Red Blonde 4 BROWNIE FINALE | Darkest Brown 6 FUDGESICLE | Dark Brown 8 COCOA | Medium Brown

Jon Renau


$165.11 $194.25

The Shiloh by Jon Renau is an ultra lightweight, shoulder length bob that features a double-layered monofilament part, creating the appearance of natural hair growth. This simple style is a...