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Coco by Rene of Paris

Quick Facts:

  • Best Seller
  • Wig
  • Synthetic Hair
  • Cap Size: Average
  • Cap Construction: Basic Cap
  • SKU: RP2318

Availability: In stock

List Price: $105.00

Price: Price: $73.50

Coco by Rene of Paris: Color Coffee-Latte
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Coco by Rene of Paris: Color Coffee-Latte

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  1. Coco
    I took this wig out of the box, shook it as instructed and put it on. It was the cutest wig ever and people love it on me. It is light and airy. I'm ordering another one because I love it so much.
    By Cynthia on 5/24/16
  2. Conflicted
    I love this wig but I am only giving it 3 stars..Here's why. The cut and the colors that this wig comes in are fabulous..I have four in colors,Harvest Gold,Chestnut,Frosty Blonde,and Glazed Copper. All Beautiful colors.The wispy bangs and the flips in the back and the layers make this wig just wonderful but..and it's a big one. The quality sucks from one wig to the other.Some are O.K. some are horrific like wefts being visible and the part can look like a rats nest..The one in Harvest Gold looked like somebody chewed on the ends. I corrected that with putting a little Downy in the rinse water after I washed it.I have been able to fudge the stuff that was wrong with them until I got this last one and I would have to know how to make a wig in order to fix it.The weft at the crown and a large weft in the back shows. You can do some fancy combing to hide them and hope the wind doesn't blow but wearing a wig is suppose to be easy.I didn't want to redesign their design..I don't think I'm qualified..I realize this is not a high end wig. I have a closet full of them.I buy it because I love the style.It suits me and I really like the cut. I would be willing to pay a lot more for CoCo if the quality was better.I just hate that it's not.I'll probably continue to order them but it sure would be nice just to shake it and go..
    By Stretchpants on 1/25/16
  3. Cute Style
    I have worn this style for about a year now and I do like it. I got this in
    the dark brown color. It's my go-to wig when I don't have the time to do my own hair.
    My only complaint would be the amount of perma-tease in this wig but
    I find after a few washings and using styling products it comes out much better.
    It is also a very comfortable wig to wear all day.

    By CC. on 4/25/15
  4. coco
    I have worn coco for several years and the last two wigs I received were not the same quality as before. One side of the wig was "dead" ! It would not hold the style it was flat & I did notice that the bangs were thinner than previous wigs. I also has strands fall out . I found several places that were not sewn together - I was able to fix. I hope you are not changing the style by thinning down.
    By PL on 1/28/15
  5. Updated Style
    Just received this wig and it has become my go to wig. They style is sassy and updated. I get so many compliments on the wig and even have people ask me is it hard to style in the morning, because they don't realize it's a wig. Love it and will be ordering another one.
    By Deb on 10/18/14
  6. Disappointed
    I have been wearing Coco for the last four years.....and loved it! However, the last three I've bought have been very disappointing. The front is too thin on one of them; you can see the band on the wig. One is too long on sides and back. The other is flat on top and just will not style. I do not have a hairdresser to cut and style this wig......I shouldn't have to.
    By Sherry on 10/8/14
  7. So easy
    Coco is a fun and easy wig. Have 2 colors and looking forward to a third soon. It is cute even for a sixty six year old. Now to decide what color.
    By DVV on 9/30/14
  8. Love this wig
    This is a very natural looking wig. Nobody can tell you are wearing a wig. Hair always looks perfect and sooo natural. I never have a bad hair day any more.
    By MS on 7/10/14
  9. love coco
    I wanted to go shorter and warmer with a wig and I absolutely love the coco in auburn sugar. It goes on fast and is a snap to style. Everyone compliments on my cut and color. I have a smaller head with a tall forehead and it always looks perfectly natural!
    By Patty on 6/6/14
  10. Love my new look
    I just got my new Coco in it is very pretty and for a Rene of Paris it has a real nice fit. Not too tight like most of hers are. Of course that doesn't stop me from wearing them. I've been wearing Lizzie for the last couple of years and love it but I just need a bit of a change. This is just to the change I was looking for.
    By Tami on 3/21/14
  11. Love
    This is the first wig I have ever bought and was real nervous about how it would be. It was so easy right out of the box! I just had to trim the bangs a little shake it out and put it on and was ready to go! My daughters could not even tell it was a wig.
    By Kathy B. on 3/19/14
  12. love this
    My fave -
    By tly on 10/22/13
  13. Cocoa
    I love this wig! I have it in Iced Mocha and Auburn Sugar. Both colors are great beautiful and even layers of color. I get compliments all the time! Women are always asking me who does my hair. Even the men love this wig. It is a fun wig!
    By Patricia on 10/1/13
  14. Ms
    I'm very upset that they discontinued the color Expresso! The dark chocolate doesn't even come close! PLEASE PLEASE bring it back.
    I love this wig and need a new one!
    By Donna Kimmell on 8/20/13
  15. Coco
    The short layers are really easy to style yourself they last a long time
    By AW on 8/26/12

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