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5 Best Wig Styles For Fall 2018

Posted on October 08 2018

If you’re anything like me, you jump at the opportunity to change it up with your hairstyle! Lucky for us, it’s one of the best times of year to get a new wig to go with our fall style and start gearing up for the cold. But how do we...

How Can I Make My Wig Look More Natural?

Posted on October 04 2018

Blending a wig with my natural hair or creating a natural looking hairline was for sure the hardest thing I had to learn when I first started wearing wigs on a regular basis. Now of course, one easy cheat at first was to accessorize my wig with a trendy hat so...

What Products Are Safe To Use On My Wig

Posted on October 03 2018

I will be honest: when I first started wearing wigs, I thought that using regular shampoo and conditioner on the wigs was the way to keep them nice. Though this might have worked on human hair wigs - though that is not ideal and not suggested - it was probably...

How to Pick The Right Wig Style For Your Face

Posted on October 02 2018

Face shape is one - if not the most - important factor when choosing a wig style. I recently spent much too long in a wig shop trying on wig after wig just to find that the ones I liked on the mannequin didn't look quite so great on me....

HairUWear Knows Hair: An Anniversary Celebration

Posted on September 18 2018

  When it comes to wigs, it’s fashion rules in reverse: instead of noticing the brand, people notice you. is proud to carry all six fantastic brands offered by HairUWear, the alternative hair industry’s top global producer of exceptional wigs, hair pieces, extensions, and hair care products.  With Hair...

Should I Tell My Family I'm Wearing a Wig?

Posted on August 22 2018

Whether or not you share your wig journey with your friends and family is up to you. Click here for helpful tips about working out if you're really ready to share!

Is It Always Essential To Wear A Wig Cap?

Posted on August 21 2018

Wig caps a re a matter of personal preference. Click here to learn some helpful tips about wearing, or not wearing, a wig cap!

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 2

Posted on August 20 2018

Last week we discussed a few surprising facts about hair loss, and today we will go over a few more. Hair loss is wildly common, and there are so many different causes and symptoms associated with it.   More Hair Loss Facts   Different types of hair loss affect everyone...

Are 100% Hand-Tied Wigs Worth The Hype?

Posted on August 16 2018

Are you a fan of 100% hand-tied wigs? Learn more about why we love hand-tied caps, here!

3 Essential Wig Care Tips

Posted on August 15 2018

Do you take proper care of your wigs? Click here to see our see our top 3 wig care tips.

Can You Style Synthetic Wigs?

Posted on August 14 2018

Can you style synthetic wigs? The answer is yes! Click here to find out how.

All About Lace Front Wigs

Posted on August 13 2018

Click here to learn everything you need to know about lace front wigs! Hint: They're great!!

Surprising Facts About Hair Loss Part 1

Posted on August 10 2018

How much do you know about hair loss? Click here to learn more facts about hair loss and how to hide it.

The Benefits of Human Hair and Synthetic Hair Blends

Posted on August 09 2018

Curious about human hair and synthetic wig blends? Click here to learn more about the great benefits blended wigs are known for!

The Benefits of Wearing a Wig

Posted on August 08 2018

Wearing wigs is a great option for many people. Click here to learn what some of our favorite benefits of wearing a wig are!

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month

Posted on August 07 2018

Since August is the month for National Hair Loss Awareness, we wanted to share some information about hair loss with our wig community.

Some Like it Haute

Posted on August 06 2018

Temperatures are soaring this summer, especially in style. Check out our haute new summer looks for yourself, and find your ideal look!

Styling Wigs For Special Events

Posted on August 05 2018

Do you have a special event coming up? Check out our easy wig styling tips for special events!

Is It Rude To Ask If Someone Is Wearing A Wig?

Posted on August 04 2018

Is it rude when people ask others if they are wearing a wig? Continue reading to discover personal stories of people who have been asked this personal question!

3 Easy Steps to Hiding Hair Loss With Wigs

Posted on August 03 2018

Are you looking for the most efficient ways to hide localized hair loss? check out these 3 easy ways to find the right coverage for your needs!

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