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My Mistakes & Lessons Learned with Lace Front Wigs by Kim Stamiris

Posted on September 28 2021

Written by Kim Stamiris | @kim_stam At, our goal is to connect and serve those in the hair loss community and walk arm in arm with them.  That’s why we are excited to team up with Kim Stamiris, who shares her struggles, victories, tips & tricks with a tireless...

3 Variants That Affect Wigs Colors

Posted on September 27 2021

You have so much choice when it comes to wig colors. Most styles are offered in 10-40 color options ranging from brunettes, blondes, greys, rooted options, and more. In our blog explaining wig color codes, we mentioned that each manufacturer uses the same color code system when creating their unique...

Who Makes the Best Human Hair Wigs?

Posted on August 30 2021

Human hair wigs are a luxury investment, but there's nothing quite like the real deal. With human hair, you'll enjoy the longest lifespan of wearable hair, the most natural look and movement, and complete styling versatility. If you're interested in human hair wigs, you have probably asked who makes the...

Correcting Human Hair Wig Damage

Posted on August 26 2021

There is nothing quite like a human hair wig. After all, you can’t get a more realistic feel than actual human hair. If you are the lucky owner of a human hair wig, you know how important it is to take care of it properly. A well-loved wig can have...

Different Types of Lace Front Wigs

Posted on August 25 2021

A lace front is made with a sheer, nearly invisible lace to create the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. The Experts at will tell you that lace front wigs are essential to a seamless and natural-looking hairline. When researching wigs online, you may notice different terminology when...

Best Lace Front Wigs

Posted on August 24 2021

Lace front wigs are key to an effortless and seamless look. We’re obsessed with how natural this feature makes wigs look since it mimics a real hairline. There’s no other wig feature that provides this level of realism to your style. 

What Are The Best Human Hair Wigs?

Posted on August 17 2021

The best human hair wigs are luxurious, comfortable, and soft. Human hair wigs offer the most natural look & texture while giving the wearer endless styling options. If cared for properly, human hair wigs can last longer than their synthetic wig counterparts. Read on to learn the difference between Remy...

What Is A Lace Front Wig?

Posted on August 16 2021

A lace front wig is a wig that has hairs that are individually hand-tied into a thin, nearly invisible lace material at the front hairline. This gives the appearance that the hair is growing right out of the scalp and is key to a natural-looking hairline

How To Properly Care for Your Wig & Topper Base Materials

Posted on July 27 2021

Properly caring for your wig or topper's base materials is essential to extending the piece's lifespan. Whether your style is made of synthetic fiber or human hair, understanding why and how to care for your cap materials is crucial. For best results, try incorporating our maintenance recommendations below into your...

Caring for Curly and Wavy Wigs

Posted on July 19 2021

Who doesn’t want perfect waves or ringlet curls in all types of weather?! Humid and hot? Cold and dry? Your waves and curls are nearly weatherproof! Synthetic wavy and curly wigs have a baked-in curl pattern to give you that effortless look every time. But, keep in mind that if...

How to Protect Human Hair Wigs & Toppers in the Sun

Posted on July 16 2021

Since human hair toppers and wigs are an investment, it’s essential to treat them as such! One step that is often forgotten about is protecting the hair from the sun. This step is essential for how to take care of your human hair wigs and ensuring that they stay beautiful...

How To Wear Hats With Wigs

Posted on July 15 2021

Is your hair style missing the perfect accessory? Try pairing your look with a hat! We're showing you the ways you can accessorize your look with hats.

How to Create Natural Texture and Waves to a Human Hair Wig or Topper

Posted on July 06 2021

Human hair wigs give you the styling versatility to change your hairstyle as much as you change your mind! Go from smooth and straight one day to wavy and voluminous the next. Using a curling iron is the most common tool used to create waves, but have you tried adding...

How To Style Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wigs

Posted on July 05 2021

Heat-friendly synthetic fiber (also called heat resistant wigs) is lightweight but sturdy, meaning the fibers can withstand heat tool treatment up to 275° Fahrenheit. This fiber also retains its color vibrancy and is much more cost-effective than human hair wig options. You may be wondering if this sounds too good...

Why Our Wig Experts Recommend Blow Drying Human Hair Wigs

Posted on July 02 2021

There's nothing like the feel, styling versatility, and comfort of human hair. However, human hair wigs are an investment. Proper wig care and maintenance are crucial to ensure that you can extend the life of your alternative hair. One step that we often see foregone by our clients is blowdrying. Blowdrying human...

Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wig Tips

Posted on June 30 2021

Heat-friendly synthetic wigs are the best of both worlds because you have the styling versatility of human hair but the staying power you expect from synthetic wigs. Check out our tips on how to get the most out of your heat-friendly synthetic wigs, and see the video below for visual assistance. Styling...

How to Use A Round Brush: A Step-by-Step Guide

Posted on June 29 2021

Properly caring for your wig is so important! You can enjoy your favorite wig so much longer if you maintain it correctly. Typically, you'll want to wash any wig after 8 to 10 wears; however, lifestyle can affect this. For example, if you exercise and sweat in a wig or are...

Wavy Wigs that Will Never Go Out of Style!

Posted on June 17 2021

Times may change, but our love of wavy hair never will. Through different styles and eras, waves and curls have never wavered. Once the 2000s hit, we embraced loose and easy beach waves and never looked back. In 2021, it’s still one of the most popular looks. The best part about...

4 New Ellen Wille Styles | Hair Society Collection

Posted on June 11 2021

The Hair Society is a collection of Ellen Wille wigs that celebrate workmanship and design. These wigs were made with women experiencing hair loss in mind. They are made with lightweight density for natural movement and superior comfort.  These summer-ready Hair Society styles keep it short and sweet. Below, we...

Riding the Wave Into Summer With Our Favorite Wavy Wigs

Posted on June 09 2021

Once that summer heat hits, nothing else feels right except gorgeous beachy waves. If you want the effortless tousled look to be yours, these five wigs will make you look like you just hit the beach.   Rachel by Jon Renau   Rachel: It's just one word, but this wig... Experience

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