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Wigs Are My Thinning Hair Remedy!

Posted on April 12 2018

I went through a lot to come to one simple solution. If only I’d just tried a topper or a wig first, I could have saved myself a world of pain... read more to discover my journey!

Sassy Lace Front Wigs

Posted on April 10 2018

What constitutes a wig as “sassy”? Well that I have often found is up to personal opinion, but there are a few suggestions I would like to make that are flattering for most face shapes and can help anyone rock a side of themselves they didn’t even know they had. Continue reading for more info on sassy lace front wigs!

Mid-Length Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Posted on April 08 2018

Is your hair lacking volume? Before you throw your hands up in frustration, understand first that there are so many mid-length style options available for you. You may have 99 problems, but thin hair does not have to be one!

Steam Synthetic Wig

Posted on April 06 2018

I'm sure that you’ve heard by now that steaming your hair can afford you all kinds of benefits. Did you know that on top of steaming your real hair, it is also possible for you to steam your wigs as well? Read more to find out how! Forum | Join The Community!

Posted on April 04 2018

We are constantly trying to improve the experience at, and have been so inspired by the growing community of strong, confident women in the community. Over the past few months, the team here at has been hard at work, creating an all-new Community Forum exclusively for our Wig Family! 

Women's Synthetic Wigs | For Summer

Posted on April 03 2018

When you are wearing a wig in the summer heat, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read more to find out our favorite summer wig tips and favorite styles for summer.


Posted on April 03 2018

So no matter the reason you have to, love to, or choose to wear hair… Bloom where you’re planted...

Wigs and Makeup

Posted on April 01 2018

Every day is so much fun for me because with wigs not only can I change up my hair, but I can change up my entire look.. with makeup! Read more to find out how I change my look with makeup and wigs.

Hair Thinning Remedy | Kelly's Story

Posted on March 29 2018

After baby #4 was a year old, I was ready to battle my hair loss. It had gotten to the place where even my eyelashes were short and thin and my eyebrows diminishing. I had all sorts of tests. My TSH was always normal (Darn, can’t blame that).  I don’t care what age you are, hair loss is devastating. Read more to find my solution!

Wigs For Children

Posted on March 27 2018

One thing that we noticed about children’s wigs is that the wigs are made to look very natural. The reason for this is to help alleviate the stress that children may feel because they’re having to wear them in the first place. Does your child or someone else you know need a wig? Well, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to choose the best kid wig for the child.

Wigs That Look Like Real Hair

Posted on March 23 2018

When you are putting on a wig, even before you buy it, there are a few things you need to know. Read more for tips and tricks to make your wig look as natural as possible.

Long Brown Wavy Wigs

Posted on March 22 2018

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a brunette? If your answer is yes its time to start exploring some options and turning that wonder into reality. Brown hair is actually the one color everyone looks good in because there are so many shades of brown and so many ways to wear brown hair.

Embracing Wigs | Sarah's Story

Posted on March 20 2018

Like many women who lose their hair, I spent hours online scouring medical websites and hair loss forums trying to find someone who went through exactly what I was going through and who could tell me that it was going to be ok. I wanted to read a happy ending to my story... and I did!

What are Yaki Wigs?

Posted on March 16 2018

There are so many types of hair extensions available to buy, and depending on the texture of your hair there is always a best option to go with. There are a handful of different types of hair extensions you can buy from such as synthetic, human, even a hybrid of the two, and a few others. What is Yaki hair? Read more to find out!

Party Hair Ideas

Posted on March 15 2018

Weddings, Proms, Graduations &’s time to party and you want to be the bell of the ball. Savvy women know how to keep their hair from wilting before midnight by choosing a fun, fashionable wig or hairpiece. When you think about your special occasions, think hair first

Long Light Purple Wig

Posted on March 13 2018

Today’s wigs actually look good! Strike that - they look AH-mazing!  So real!  Synthetic hair looks like human hair, and many versions of it are heat friendly, too (curl it up! But be sure not to exceed the temperature limit!).  I mean, I can have an awesome blue bob one day, and then switch it up into long “Lilac Frost” locks by Hairdo the next day. Read more to hear my review on Lilac Frost!

Solutions To Thinning Hair | Amber's Story

Posted on March 11 2018

We had just arrived at my Mom’s house after a fun family activity. Everyone was dressed up, and I was wearing a pretty tulle skirt and floral shirt I received as a gift for my birthday, and… a wig. Read more about Amber's story here.

Curling Synthetic Hair

Posted on March 07 2018

With the Winter Olympics having come to a close, our team thought we could take this time to prep you for the next winter events. Of course, our sport of choice is curling… and by curling, we mean heat-friendly synthetic hair of course! Please note, we have no actual skill or pro tips when it comes to Olympic curling… but with our help your heat-friendly synthetic curls, will be Olympic worthy.

Frizzy Wig Care

Posted on March 06 2018

How many of you have had to wake up to curly frizzy hair? I think it’s safe to say that the curlier your hair, the more prone to frizz that it can be. You know what the absolute worse part is? People telling you to “just brush it out” because that will help tame the curls. Uh…negative. It just makes things worse! So, what is there to do when you need to tame your curly frizzy hair? Keep reading to discover how to deal with frizzy hair.

Raquel Welch Wig Collection | 20th Anniversary!

Posted on March 02 2018

Congratulations to Raquel Welch on her 20th Anniversary! Raquel's styles, quality and affordability has made her a leader in the alternative hair industry.

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