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Lia II | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

Lia II from the Changes collection by Ellen Wille is a sleek and straight fashionable bob....

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Miles of Style | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

Miles of Style by Raquel Welch is a long wig with layers that fall to mid-back...

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Leading Brands

  • Ellen Wille

    Ellen Wille continues to impress with new wigs and hair toppers. As Europe’s top-selling wig brand, they known for their premium quality.

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  • Jon Renau

    Jon Renau Wigs epitomize beauty and quality. These wigs offer a perfect blend of comfort, style, and timeless charm.

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  • Raquel Welch

    Hollywood legend and beauty icon Raquel Welch guided one of the best-known brands in wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions

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We understand that choosing the right style can be a daunting experience. Together, let's embrace the transformative power of wigs and toppers and enhance your confidence and self expression.


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Best Sellers

  • Jon Renau

    Ignite | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Basic Cap)

  • Raquel Welch

    Current Events | HF Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

  • Raquel Welch

    Scene Stealer | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Top)

  • Ellen Wille

    Tab | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Crown)

  • Ellen Wille

    Drive | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

  • Estetica

    Jamison | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Part)

  • Jon Renau

    Heidi | Synthetic Lace Front Wig (Mono Top)

  • Rene of Paris

    Cameron | Synthetic Wig (Basic Cap)

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