Should I Shave My Head

Losing hair, especially for women, is a deeply emotional journey, especially when faced with the question of “should I shave my head?” For some women, choosing to shave their hair can feel like reclaiming power in their own lives. Yet, for others, it might represent a sense of losing femininity and health.
At, we understand how devastating the dilemma of “should I shave my head?” is. No matter the type of hair loss you’re experiencing, shaving your hair can feel like a formidable experience. The idea of buzzing your hair may feel scary, or we would look sick without hair. 
No matter what you decide about whether to shave or not, it’s important to remember that you are still in control of the situation and you can still make the choice that is best for you. As we try to answer the question of “should I shave my head”, we hope this blog can offer some guidance and support on what to do. 

What to Do if You Make the Decision to Shave Your Head

If you decide to shave your head, the next step is to consider where you want to do it and who you want by your side. Do you want to go to a salon or have a trusted friend or family member do it? Do you want to document the process or have the mirror covered during the cut?
Regardless of which option you pick, ensure that you have a support system in place. While shaving your head may offer a sense of control, especially if you are losing your hair, the experience may feel overwhelming to you and your loved ones. Many women find solace in having their closest friends and family with them during the process. However, sharing your decision with loved ones or keeping it private is entirely up to you.

Where You Can Donate Your Hair 

If you want to donate your hair, there are many charities and organizations that accept donations. Our top choice is Children With Hair Loss. Their mission is to provide free human hair wigs to children and young adults up to 21 who are experiencing hair loss from medical conditions and chemotherapy. They are a non-profit organization that collects donated hair, and partners with leading manufacturers to create wigs from the donated hair. Children with Hair Loss helped over 600 children by giving each child one human hair wig and care kit. 

Protect Your Head 

After you shave your hair, invest in some headwear to help protect your head from the elements. If the weather is warm and you’re going to be outdoors, your scalp will be more exposed to the sun. Wearing a hat or wig will help shield your scalp from the sun. If you want to rock your bald head because it’s cooler, remember to apply sunscreen to help protect your face and head from the sun. 
Wearing a wig may take some getting used to on a newly shaved head. We recommend wearing a wig liner, like Jon Renau’s Softie Wig Liner, or choosing wigs with hand tied and double monofilament caps.  
If you’re new to wigs and unsure where to begin, you can schedule a free Wig Consultation with one of our Wig Experts from our Client Care Team. 

Final Thoughts 

“Should I shave my head?" is a tough question many women face when they begin losing their hair. However you answer the question, remember you are not alone in this decision. Surround yourself with a supportive community and take steps to take care of yourself. 

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