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Inspiring Women: Tanya’s Resilient Journey Against Breast Cancer

Introducing Tanya Ramsey, our Client Care Manager here at Wigs.com. She shares how her life took an unexpected turn with a breast cancer diagnosis. Her testament is a resilient tale of her journey against breast cancer and the empowerment of community and wigs. 
Tanya’s story begins when she discovered a lump in her breast. She had her OBGYN doctor look at it, who thought it may have been a cyst. However, when they performed an ultrasound on the lump, they found that it was irregular, especially since her mammogram earlier in February came back clear. Concerned, they performed a biopsy on the lump. That’s when Tanya received the news: she had invasive ductal carcinoma. 
As Tanya went through chemotherapy treatments, she began losing her hair. This experience helped her relate better to our clients who might be going through the same situation. For example, one day she was talking to a client who was struggling to part her wig without making the hair look sparse. Using her experience, she was able to show the client how she parted her hair and still made the wig look natural.
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One of the most profound lessons Tanya has learned is the significance of support—both from loved ones and within the wig community. From her devoted husband and friends to her colleagues at Wigs.com, her journey has been illuminated by the unwavering support of those around her. She says it really helps keep her in a positive mindset, whether it's someone calling to ask how she’s doing to receiving compliments on her wigs.
If you’re new to wigs, Tanya offers some advice. She says instead of being scared of wigs it’s important to embrace them. It’s easy to think people might think you are wearing a wig when you put one on, but a lot of times people do not even realize you’re wearing one. She also recommends getting comfortable with who you are, regardless if you have hair or not. She admits her hair was her confidence before she lost it. However, through this experience, she has learned to be confident, regardless if she’s bald or wearing a wig. 
As Tanya looks forward to the future—a future filled with hope, healing, and new adventures—she does so with the knowledge that she is not alone. She continues to inspire us all with her remarkable journey of empowerment and resilience. At Wigs.com, we are honored to be a part of Tanya's journey, providing not only quality wigs but also a supportive community where she feels valued and understood. 

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