WigSECURE Crystal® by Amy Gibson is Returning to Wigs.com!

March 18th, 2024

We’re happy to announce the return of Amy Gibson’s WigSECURE Crystal®. This wig band is your one-size-fits-all solution to preventing your wig from slipping. The secret is in its construction. The WigSECURE Crystal® is designed with a sheer silk strip that lays discreetly under your wig for a natural look. Perfect for lace top and monofilament top wigs! 
WigSECURE Crystal® is made with a high-end velvety fabric that is lined with a patent-pending silicone non-slip grip strip that keeps your wig securely in place without slipping or sliding back. What makes this wig band unique is its reversible feature, making this product perfect for people with or without hair. Depending on how you reverse the band, the silicone non-slip grip strip can either attach to your scalp or wig to ensure you have a secure fit that lasts all day!  
This revolutionary wig band comes in your choice of beige-blonde and dark brunette. The WigSECURE Crystal® comes in a hermetically air-tight sealed box, which prevents any environmental bacteria from getting on your band. Now you’ll have a fresh and clean product every time you use it! 

Difference between the WigSecure ® and WigSECURE Crystal® 

WigSecure ®

Amy Gibson is wearing WigSECURE®
Amy Gibson is wearing Upstage by Raquel Welch

WigSECURE Crystal® 

Amy Gibson is wearing WigSECURE Crystal®
Amy Gibson is wearing a blonde wig
Amy Gibson has a similar product called the WigSECURE®. Both the WigSECURE® and WigSECURE Crystal® share many of the same features, such as: their reversibility, patented design, and lack of stretch. They each have an anti-slide solution, which comes in the form of a non-slip silicone grip strip that either attaches to your wig or scalp for a secure fit. 
What sets the WigSECURE Crystal® apart from the WigSECURE® is that it’s made with translucent silk, making it undetectable under most wigs. It’s specifically made for lace top and monofilament top wigs, allowing your own scalp to show through adding authenticity to your wig.

Final Thoughts

The WigSECURE Crystal® by Amy Gibson offers amazing comfort and security with its innovative design and reversible functionality. The non-slip silicone grip strip ensures a secure fit, regardless if you have hair or not. Its translucent silk construction offers a discreet style, especially for wigs with lace or monofilament tops. Say good-bye to wig slippage and hello to confidence.

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