Meet Tanya Ramsey!

February 14th, 2024

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Meet Tanya Ramsey. Tanya is our Client Care Manager here at As leader of our client care team, she strives to give our clients unparalleled care throughout every facet of their journey at our company whether that involves allying with clients through the return process, curating personalized experiences during virtual consultations, and working with the warehouse to ensure clients’ orders get to them in a timely manner. Read ahead to learn more about Tanya’s role in our company!

About Me

Wig expert Tanya is a wearing Drive by Ellen Wille in shade Candy Blonde Rooted Tell us a little about yourself, how you ended up working at Beauty & Hair, and what you love most about working here!

 Tanya: I've been a part of Beauty & Hair since 2016, and my journey here began unexpectedly through a temp agency recruiter. Previously, I worked at a Children's hospital, caring for kids with cancer and blood disorders, when the recruiter reached out to me with an intriguing opportunity at B&H.
At first, I hesitated, thinking I knew very little about wigs. However, during my conversation with Carliz (CEO), she touched my heart by explaining that I could continue helping people battling cancer and various medical conditions, individuals experiencing the difficult challenge of hair loss. That’s when I decided - I was all in!
What I cherish most about my time here is our connection with our clients and the camaraderie within our team. It’s gratifying to assist our clients and listen to their stories, knowing that we play a small but meaningful role in their lives. For me, this isn’t just a job; it’s a profound calling. To make it even better, I have the privilege of working alongside an incredible group. Each person here shares the common goal of supporting our clients and ensuring their exceptional experience. How would you describe our team at Beauty & Hair?

 Tanya: Our team is amazingly collaborative and characterized by an exceptional blend of intelligence, dedication, drive, and unrelenting passion for helping our clients. This passion is what drives each team member who works here. This drive isn't just about personal success; it's a shared vision that propels the team forward.
Tanya and our Client Care Team What is one of your most memorable consultations?

 Tanya: I recently assisted a client who was new to the world of wigs. She was just starting chemo, was nervous, and didn’t know where to start. She was so sweet and kind, and it touched me that she was going through this but was so appreciative of my help and was so calm about what she was going through.

My Advice Why should someone book a virtual consultation with one of our experts?

 Tanya: Not only do we have a team of experts in our field, they are also kind and warm, and their goal is for our clients to look and feel beautiful! Also, it is THE BEST way to get help when you are new to this world, need help finding a style or color, or just want advice. What advice would you have for a new wig or hair topper wearer?

 Tanya: Get the help of one of our experts! Also, don’t feel self-conscious about the first time you wear it. Make it look natural and like you!
Wig Expert Tanya is showing off Ellen Wille's Drive in shade Candy Blonde Rooted.

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