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Medium Bob Haircuts: Effortless Elegance and Modern Charm

Over the last couple of decades, the bob haircut has remained a popular hairstyle. Its beauty lies in its versatility, having a wide array of hairstyles, lengths, and textures to suit most preferences and face shapes. If you’re looking to transform your overall look, a bob haircut is what you need. 

We’ll be exploring different types of medium bob haircuts. This hairstyle is characterized by its length where it extends to the jawline or chin. The medium bob haircut offers many styling options from the sleek and angular "blunt bob" to the playful "asymmetrical bob," making it the perfect go-to choice for those seeking a sophisticated yet effortless look. 

Let’s dive into the different types of medium bob haircuts.

Types of Medium Bob Haircuts: Classic Straight Bob

Our first entry in our medium bob haircuts list is the classic straight bob. This hairstyle combines timeless allure with contemporary flair, making this cut perfect for those seeking a refined yet effortlessly chic aesthetic. 
This sleek hairstyle is characterized by its uniform length and straight cut across the bottom. Additionally, the hair must rest between the chin and shoulders. Some variations of this cut may include stylish bangs or gradual tapering towards the back. 
Most face shapes are suited for the classic straight bob, especially oval and round faces. However, if you have a square-shaped face, you should opt for a shorter version of this hairstyle to help soften the shape angles of your face. 
If you’re wanting a classic straight bob, we have a few wigs from Jon Renau and Rene of Paris that characterize this playful hairstyle. 

Types of Medium Bob Haircuts: Textured Bob

Our next entry in our list of medium bob haircuts is the alluring textured bob. Its effortless sophistication combined with carefree charm makes this hairstyle stand out from other cuts. This particular bob cut uses layers, multiple lengths, and playful hair textures to get its distinctive look. 
What sets this textured bob apart from other haircuts is its style adaptability. Whether you're partial to chic bangs, cascading waves, stylish layers, or defined curls, this versatile haircut allows you to customize it to suit your style. 
Additionally, the textured bob flatters most face shapes. For those who have oval and heart-shaped faces, this haircut delicately balances out the facial features. Square-shaped faces also benefit from the textured bob because it softens the sharp angles.
If you’re looking for an elegant textured bob, check out our wavy and curly bob wigs from Envy, Raquel Welch, and Kim Kimble.

Types of Medium Bob Haircuts: Asymmetrical Bob

If you’re seeking edgy medium bob haircuts, check out the asymmetrical bob. Some versions feature an angled haircut and bangs to soften its look. Regardless of the type of asymmetrical bob you have, this daring hairdo will stand out with its striking difference in length. One side is noticeably short while the longer side gracefully extends to the jawline or chin. Be sure to tuck in one of the sides behind your ears to draw attention to the contrasting lengths. 
While anyone can wear an asymmetrical bob, this hairstyle looks best on square faces. Heart-shaped face shapes should consider getting a shorter version of the asymmetrical bob to better balance out their facial features.
If you want the asymmetrical bob, we have a couple of wigs that exude the grace and glamor of this hairstyle from Jon Renau and BelleTress.  

Types of Medium Bob Haircuts: Blunt Cut Bob

When you’re searching for medium bob haircuts, you are bound to come across the blunt cut bob. This hairdo features pin-straight hair that is all the same length. Traditionally, this style has no layers; however, you may want to get subtle layers to take the bulk off, if you have thick and curly hair. The hair can extend to the chin or rest at the shoulders. Some variations of the cut feature an angled style and can have wispy, brow-length, or side-swept bangs. 
What’s great about the blunt cut bob is its ability to adapt to all face shapes. Oval faces in particular are ideal for this haircut. While square faces should get a shorter version of this cut, round faces should opt for a longer version of the style to help elongate the face. 
If you are looking for more wigs with medium bob haircuts, Ellen Wille and Estetica have a couple that share the playful spirit of the blunt cut bob. 

Types of Medium Bob Haircuts: Medium Bob with Bangs

Our last entry in our medium bob haircuts blog is exactly as the title says. The medium bob with bangs includes any mid-length bob cut with stylish bangs. If you’re looking to transform your look, we have a few wigs by Noriko, Amore, Ellen Wille, and Tressallure that showcase this style. 

Final Thoughts

Let your hair be your statement, your signature, your unmistakable mark of confidence and style. Medium bob haircuts allow you to experiment with mid-length styles, due to their infinite styling potential and ability to flatter every face. From the classic straight bob to the textured and asymmetrical variations, medium bob haircuts offer endless creativity and self-expression. 

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