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Collection: Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair Wigs

A heat resistant synthetic fiber is a fiber that can be altered using regulated heat. The most important thing for anyone wearing this fiber is: Heat Friendly wigs REQUIRE heat.  If you do not use heat on the fiber, it will frizz and wear down faster.  The minute you start to see the frizzing (especially at the ends), flat iron or curl it to smooth it out.

It is no surprise that 
heat resistant wigs (aka heat friendly wigs) are being requested more often as human hair wigs continue to be in short supply.  The truth is, there is a global human hair shortage, which is forcing women who wear human hair wigs to find alternative options.  Heat friendly wigs are the perfect alternative to human hair because they can be heat styled.  They are a fun alternative because they will hold the style until it is heat styled again, which is why heat resistant/heat friendly fiber really is the best of both worlds.

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