What does it mean when a wig says heat resistant?

What does it mean when a wig says heat resistant?

It is no surprise that heat resistant wigs (aka heat friendly wigs) are being requested more often as human hair wigs continue to be in short supply.  The truth is, there is a global human hair shortage, which is forcing women who wear human hair wigs to find alternative options. What does it mean when a wig says heat resistant?  Heat friendly wigs are the perfect alternative to human hair because they can be heat styled.  They are a fun alternative because they will hold the style until it is heat styled again, which is why heat resistant/heat friendly fiber really is the best of both worlds.

Video shows: How to heat style a long heat resistant wig called Show Stopper by Raquel Welch in color RL8/29SS - Shaded Hazelnut.


Table of Contents: 

  1.  What type of a wig is heat resistant?
  2. What is the max heat I can use on heat resistant fiber?
  3. How do you care for a heat resistant wig?
  4. How long do heat friendly wigs last?
  5. Styling Instructions
  6.  Recommended Tools


What type of a wig is  heat friendly? 

 A heat friendly synthetic fiber is a fiber that can be altered using regulated heat. The most important thing for anyone wearing this fiber is: Heat Friendly wigs REQUIRE heat.  If you do not use heat on the fiber, it will frizz and wear down faster.  The minute you start to see the frizzing (especially at the ends), flat iron or curl it to smooth it out.

Drive by Ellen Wille is a great heat resistant wig style


What is the max heat I can use on heat resistant fiber?


Remember the only way to change the style of a heat resistant wig or hair topper is with heat. Keep your styling tools between 275° F to 300° F. Too hot and your fiber will singe, too cool and your fiber will not style. We also recommend letting the hair fiber cool in the shape you desire, this will ensure it will hold the style after it cools. Overstyling with  heat may lead to it deteriorating faster, so moderation is key!  

Pro tip:  If you like to wear your hair wavy/curly and straight, have two wigs or toppers that are already pre-styled. 

 How do you care for a heat resistant wig?

 ⛔Always use a wide tooth comb ~ NEVER use a brush!

‼️We HIGHLY recommend sparingly spraying BeautiMark’s Smooth Detangler on the tangles to help ease combing.  This should be done at least once while wearing it, and definitely after wearing it. 

Wash your wig every 6-8 wears, approximately once a week. 

🌡️Use room temperature water when washing your hair ~ NEVER SOAK YOUR HAIR (this will loosen the knots)!

🔝Start from the top to bottom ~ Yes, this means the water, shampoo and conditioner!  Be sure to shampoo  the inside of the cap as well. 

💨When washing, keep the conditioner away from the roots ~ It will loosen the knots.

👍Rinse, blot, spray with BeautiMark Conditioning Spray, comb, and then let your hair air dry on a wig stand.

This short wig is heat resistant?
Customer wearing: Link by Ellen Wille, great short heat resistand wig in color Lavender Rooted.
How long do heat friendly wigs last?  


The truth is, it is 100% up to how you take care of it!  If you follow all of our instructions, assuming you are wearing it multiple times a week or daily, it should last up to 3-4 months.  If you wear it less often, you will be able to wear it for much longer.  

heat resistant wigs are easy to style

The hardest part about styling a heat friendly synthetic piece is curling.

Here are some tips:
  • Separate the hair into sections. Then, choose a small section - no wider than the styling tool being used - approximately 1”.
  • Take the small section and wrap the hair around the barrel and hold for 8-12 seconds. 
  • Release the curl into your hand. For a tighter curl, wait to release the hair until it cools completely. Or, for extra hold, clip the curl with a metal styling clip and allow the hair to cool in the position before removing the clip.  For a looser curl, release the hair when the curl is still slightly warm. 
@wigscom #question from @wigscom Yes, most #humanhair is heat friendly, but there are many #heatfriendly #synthetic wigs that are amazing #quality & less-costly ! This one is Tabu by @ellenwilleus in #Lavender #Rooted💜…Check out our site wigs.com for more HF #styles ♬ som original - angel
Recommended Tools


    Hi Linda,

    Some SKUs will be all letters, and some will depend on the style’s name and the SKU assigned by the manufacturer. There is no meaning behind the letters in the SKU.

    We hope this was helpful, and please know if you have any other questions, we are happy to help!

    The Wig Experts

    The Wig Experts

    What do the letters before the sku # mean? “R” for instance.

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