Trending Haircut: Butterfly Haircut

January 5th, 2024

Layered haircuts are trendy, fun, and look great for most face shapes! There is one particular layered hairstyle that you may have seen all over social media - the Butterfly Haircut. This whimsical cut is known for its fluttering layers and soft elegance. Hairstylist Sunnie Brooks is credited for giving this trendy hairdo its iconic name.
Celebrities, like Hailee Steinfield and Jenifer Lopez, have been seen with this elegant hairstyle. The beauty lies in its subtlety, creating a soft and romantic aura around the wearer. Read ahead to learn more about the newest entry in animal-inspired haircuts. 

What is a Butterfly Haircut? 

The butterfly haircut is a modern take on Jenifer Anniston’s iconic layered haircut from the 90’s. This long hairstyle is characterized by its gentle layers that imitate a butterfly’s wings in motion. This long hairstyle features short layers at the crown that blend into the hair for a voluminous look. The flipped out ends give the hair its feathery texture. 
What’s great about the butterfly haircut is that it adds dimension and movement to your hair with its combination of short and long layers. The short, chin-length layers accentuate your features and frame your face for a flattering look. The long layers cascade past the shoulders to maintain the appearance of a long hairstyle. The feathery edges then complete the style.
A woman in a white night out dress is sitting in front of a red background in a spotlight, wearing the wig Touch by Ellen Wille in Candy Rooted Blonde.

Butterfly Haircut vs Wolf Cut 

There is another trendy hairstyle that looks similar to the butterfly haircut called the wolf cut. This daring hairstyle adds a rebellious look with its textured layers and bold angles. These features give the hair its tousled appearance.
In order to differentiate between the butterfly haircut and the wolf cut, we need to understand what the wolf cut is. This particular hairstyle is a blend of a mullet and shag. This hairdo showcases short, choppy layers that begin at the crown of the head and continue from front to back. The face-framing layers get longer and thicker at the sides and back to create the mullet effect. What’s interesting about this hairstyle is that you can wear it short or long, depending on your taste. 
Therefore, it’s important to remember the main difference between the butterfly haircut and the wolf cut is their layering technique. The wolf cut has short, choppy layers to give its wild and edgy style while the butterfly haircut has blended layers and feathering for an elegant look.

What Face Shapes Are Ideal for the Butterfly Haircut? 

Three women in pink dresses are standing next to each other in front of a pink background. Left wearing:  California Beach Waves by Tressallure, middle one is wearing  Touch by Ellen Wille and the right one is wearing Sarah by Jon Renau.
Like most layered cuts, the butterfly haircut is very flattering for a variety of face shapes. If you’re looking for a new ‘do that highlights your best features and frames the face, the butterfly haircut is a fantastic option. Here’s a list to show how this hairstyle flatters each face shape:
  • Square Face Shape: The sharp angles of square-shaped faces are softened by the butterfly haircut’s layers. 

  • Round Face Shape: The layered design helps contour round faces by adding angles and lengthening the face for a slimmer look.

  • Oval Face Shape: The butterfly haircut suits this particular face shape by strategically balancing out the face’s natural shape by adding width with its side layers. 

  • Long Face: Like with oval-shaped faces, the layers help widen the face and balance the facial proportions.

  • Heart Face Shape: By incorporating different lengths into the cut, the narrow jaws of this face shape are balanced out. Additionally, the width of the forehead is softened by the butterfly haircut’s volume and layers. 

What Hair Types Look Great with a Butterfly Haircut? 

If you’re thinking about getting the glamorous butterfly haircut but unsure if your hair is suited for it, hopefully this section can help you make a more informed decision. What’s amazing about this particular hairstyle is that it looks flattering with all hair textures and most lengths because of its strategic layering. 
If your hair is thick, wavy, or curly, the layers of the butterfly haircut can help remove the bulkiness of the hair. If your hair is curly, the layers can also give the curls more shape, definition, and bounciness.
The butterfly haircut complements both wavy and straight hair textures because it enhances the fluid movement of layers and creates seamlessly blending from the top to the sides. The feathered ends create a voluminous look. 
Keep in mind the butterfly haircut is ideal for shoulder-length and longer hair with its various lengths of layers. However, if you have short hair, you can add curtain bangs or more face-framing layers for added volume.

How to Style Your Butterfly Haircut 

A woman in blue dress wearing Spotlight by Raquel Welch in shade RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino.
If you have a butterfly haircut or a wig with this hairdo, you may be wondering how to style it. With the right products and care, you can easily maintain this elegant hairdo. You can achieve voluminous hair in minutes with velcro rollers, round brush, and heat tools. 
Please note: If you do style your wig, please make sure your wig is heat friendly. You will damage the hair fibers if you use heat on a wig that’s not heat friendly! 

Styling With a Blow Dryer and Round Brush

First, make sure your hair or wig hair is clean. If you haven’t already, go ahead and wash your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. (If you are washing your wig, make sure you use care products specially formulated for its hair fiber). 

When you are done washing the hair, pat it dry with a towel and brush it out until the hair is tangle free. If you are brushing your wig, use a wide tooth comb. Now you can begin blow drying the hair.

Take the round brush and run it through your hair while blow drying it. To give your hair more height, make sure you are drying the hair upwards and away from the face. To create a bouncy effect, curl the ends of your hair outwards with the round brush. 

Style the Hair the Velcro Rollers

If you want more dimension, you can curl the hair with velcro rollers. First, use the steps in the above section with the blow dryer and the round brush. Then, split off your hair before taking your velcro roller and wrapping the hair around it. Remember to start from the ends and move the roller up towards the top of the hair.

Once you’re done blow drying, let the rollers sit in the hair for ten minutes before taking them out. Then, turn your head upside down and fluff out your hair to add volume. If you are using a wig, take it off its stand and shake the hair out to get the same effect. Then, flip your hair back into place and smooth it out. Remember to use a good holding spray to retain the style. 

Style the Hair with Curling Iron

To enhance the layers, you can use a curling iron or straightener. If you want to give your hair more dimension, here’s how you can curl the ends or create loose waves with your curling iron. If you are curling your wig, we recommend setting the heat to no higher than 275° F on your curling wand or curling iron.

Like you did with the velcro rollers, separate the hair into sections. Choose a small section and wrap the hair around the barrel. Let it hold the hair in place for 8-12 seconds before releasing the curl. Repeat the curling method throughout your hair until you’ve styled every strand. Then, shake out the curls and enjoy your new look! 

Style the Hair with a Straightener

Straighten your hair to show off the beautiful layers! Like with the curling iron, if you are using a straightener on your wig, be sure to set the temperature on your straightener no higher than 275°F.

If you want to straighten your hair or wig, first divide up the hair into sections. Then, take a smaller section that is no wider than the flat irons’ plates and run your straightener down the hair. If you are straightening your wig, start about an inch from the root to protect the hand tied knots. Remember to not to hold the heat too long or you’ll burn the hair. Repeat these steps until your hair is completely straight.

Wigs that Look Similar to the Butterfly Haircut

If you’re looking for a new elegant hairdo, we have wigs that share the same features and personality of the butterfly haircut from Rene of Paris, Amore, Raquel Welch, Ellen Wille, and Gabor. These beautiful wigs give you the chance to try out a new look whether you’re looking to make a bold fashion statement or simply add a touch of enchantment to your everyday look. These butterfly haircut wigs are the perfect accessory to elevate your personal style. 

Mid-Length Butterfly Haircut Wigs:

Long Butterfly Haircut Wigs:

Final Thoughts

The butterfly haircut is a masterpiece of precision and creativity that is designed to accentuate your natural beauty and unleash your inner confidence. Its soft lines and graceful layers are reminiscent of butterfly wings in flight. This iconic haircut looks great on most hair types and textures, making this the perfect hairstyle for anyone looking to transform their look. 
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