Butterfly Haircut Wigs

Get the hairstyle that's making waves all over social media! The Butterfly Haircut is a mid-length to long hairstyle that has blended layers and feathery edges for an instant voluminous look. Our wig collection showcases our favorite wigs that embody the soft elegance and spirit of the Butterfly Haircut.

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Butterfly Haircut Wigs FAQs

The butterfly haircut is a long hairstyle that’s characterized by its gentle layers and feathery texture. This long hairstyle has short layers that begin at the crown and seamlessly blend into the hair to make a voluminous appearance. The ends of the layers are flipped out for added texture.

The butterfly haircut sometimes gets mistaken for the wolf cut. The way to distinguish these two iconic hairstyles is to look at their layers. The butterfly haircut has blended layers and feathering whereas the wolf cut has short, choppy layers to give its wild and edgy style.

Layered haircuts look great on most face shapes, and the butterfly haircut is no exception. If you’re thinking about getting the butterfly haircut, here are what face shapes suit this elegant hairdo: 

Long Face: The layers help widen the face and balance the facial proportions.

Heart Face Shape: By incorporating different lengths into the cut, the narrow jaws of this face shape are balanced out. Additionally, the width of the forehead is softened by the butterfly haircut’s volume and layers. 

Oval Face Shape: Like with long faces, the butterfly haircut helps balancing out the face’s natural shape by adding width with its side layers.

Square Face Shape: The sharp angles of square-shaped faces are softened by the butterfly haircut’s layers. 

Round Face Shape: The layered design helps contour round faces by adding angles and lengthening the face for a slimmer look.

What’s amazing about this particular hairstyle is that it looks flattering with all hair textures and most lengths because of its strategic layering. Our collection includes butterfly haircuts in both mid-lengths and long hair in straight, wavy, and curly hair textures.

We highly recommend taking your wig to a salon professional if you want a specific length or hairstyle. You could potentially damage the hair fibers and ruin the wig if you try customizing it. Our collection of butterfly haircut wigs come in various lengths, textures, and colors, so you can easily find your perfect look.