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Amy Gibson Wig Accessories

Amy Gibson is an Emmy nominated soap opera star, international wig designer, national hair loss spokesperson and creator of the ResQ™ Bag. Amy Gibson's ResQ™ Bag is the original wig carry-all for the utmost in quality, discretion, and convenience. Inside the ResQ™ Bag you'll find the ResQ™ Bag Mini (also sold separately) to hold and protect your human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, hairpieces, and extensions. The unique lining minimizes frizz and tangling while keeping moisture away, making it the ideal way to maintain the quality and condition of your wearable hair. The ResQ™ Bag also comes with a complimentary set of wig essential accessories.


Amy Gibson FAQs

Amy Gibson is not only an Emmy nominated soap opera star but an international wig designer, national hair loss spokesperson and creator of the ResQ™ Bag. Her wig accessories are made to help you either keep your wig securely on your head or to keep your wig safe and frizz-free when it’s in its bag. 

The difference between the ResQ Bag and the ResQ Bag mini is their size and what they come with. Amy Gibson's ResQ™ Bag offers quality and discretion by being your wig carry-all solution. The special lining helps minimize the tangling and frizzing while your wig or hairpiece is stored inside. It also has pockets and comes with a ResQ Bag Mini and complementary set of wig accessories. The ResQ Mini bag is a smaller version of the ResQ Bag but is used to only hold your wig.

The Scalp Cushion™ is an innovative wig liner that provides a secure and comfortable fit. While anyone can wear the Scalp Cushion, it’s specially made to protect the scalp for those who have little to no hair. Its medical-grade silicone is made with patent-pending technology that allows this wig liner to mold to the shape of your head. With its lightweight design, you will feel as if you’re not wearing anything under your wig or topper. The Scalp Cushion is also very discreet, so you can rock your favorite styles with confidence and comfort. 

Amy Gibson’s WigSecure helps prevent your wig from slipping by providing a secure and comfortable fit. The secret is in its high quality design. The velvety fabric is lined with a patent-pending silicone non-slip grip strip that is great for those with thinning or no hair. It’s also reversible, which is great if you have your bio hair. All you have to do is flip the band over and wear the grip strip against your wig. Wear the Wig Secure for a discreet and secure fit.

It’s all about preference. While the Scalp Cushion and WigSecure are both made to keep your wig securely in place, they both have different features:  

  • The Scalp Cushion is a wig liner that helps protect the scalp from the wig and prevents tension headaches. It’s geared mostly for people with thinning hair or no hair, but you can still wear it if you still have your natural hair.
  • The WigSecure is a reversible velvety band with silicone gripper to keep your wig from slipping. This band can be worn whether you have hair, thinning hair, or no hair.