Trending Haircut: The Wolf Cut 

February 19th, 2024

For most face shapes, layered haircuts are not only stylish but also bring a sense of fun and beauty. One layered hairstyle has taken the hair industry by storm: the Wolf Cut. This edgy hairstyle draws inspiration from the fearless and free nature of wolves. This haircut features textured layers and bold angles to give the hair its wild, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, Jenna Ortega and Billie Eilish, have the Wolf Cut to show off their fun and rebellious spirit.

What is a Wolf Cut?

The Wolf Cut takes inspiration from the 70s shag haircut and the 80s mullet. You could say the wolf cut is a hybrid of these two iconic hairstyles, focusing on creating texture and movement through strategic layering. Its choppy layers start at the crown of the head and extend from front to back. The short layers frame the face and progressively get thicker and longer at the sides and back to give the cut its mullet effect.
The top of the head is supposed to lay flat to highlight the layers and bangs. While straight cut bangs are the part of what gives the wolf cut its classic look, you can customize this style to have side swept bangs or even curtain bangs to suit your face shape.

What’s cool about this haircut is that it can be either short or long, depending on your style. It has so many variations that you can customize the style to suit your face shape and hair texture. This bold hairdo offers a versatile option that stays trendy year round. 

Featured Here: Cameron by Rene of Paris in shade Copper Glaze
Jenna Fail wearing a bronze-color mid-length wig that has a wolf cut style. She wears the Cameron wig by Rene of Paris in color Copper Glaze from Copper Glaze is defined as a  Bronzed Brown with Red Gold highlight. This style features synthetic ready to wear fiber, versatile bangs, and a basic cap for a easy throw and go effect.

Wolf Cut Vs  Butterfly Haircut 

The wolf cut sometimes gets confused with the Butterfly Haircut. While both haircuts are inspired by their animal namesakes, there are a few key differences between these two legendary hairstyles that will help you identify each hairstyle. First, let’s learn what a butterfly haircut is.
The butterfly haircut is a gorgeous layered haircut that can be mid-length or long. Its gentle layers are meant to mimic the fluttery motion of delicate butterfly’s wings. The short layers begin at the crown and eventually blend into the hair for a voluminous look. The ends are flipped out to add a feathery texture to the hairstyle.
Therefore, when you’re looking for the key difference between a wolf cut and a butterfly haircut, check out their layering technique and bang. A butterfly haircut will have a combination of short and long layers that blend together to add movement and depth to the hair. The curtain bangs and feathered edges add a touch of elegance. On the other hand, the wolf cut features short, choppy layers that not only give its iconic tousled appearance but also helps frame the face. The wolf cut also has short bangs, but it can also have side swept bangs or wispy bangs, depending on the style.

What Face Shapes Are Ideal for the Wolf cut? 

Two women (Maha and Sophia)  wearing wigs in the style Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris in shades Smoky Forest and Dusty-Rose are standing next to each other.
A wolf cut will look great on any face shape by incorporating different lengths and layers. The choppiness of this haircut’s short layers help flatter round faces. The wolf cut’s strategic layering helps soften the sharp features on oval, heart-shaped, and square faces.

You may have to modify this haircut to go with your specific face shape, like cutting your hair shorter or adding bangs. For example, if you have an oblong face, a regular wolf cut may lengthen the face. However, if you get a shorter version of this style, it’ll balance out the facial proportions.

What Hair Types Look Great with the Wolf cut? 

Part of the wolf cut’s allure is its ability to look great with all hair types, lengths, and textures. Wolf cut hairstyles range from short to long, although they look best with shoulder-length hair.
Thick hair with a wavy or curly hair texture look best with the wolf cut because of it’s natural texture and movement. You can still rock this style with straight hair, too! Keep in mind you may have to style your hair more to get a texturized look. Adding waves or curls will help give you give your hair more body and movement.
If you have thin hair, you may want to reconsider getting a wolf cut. The layers may make your hair look more sparse. However, if you still want to try this style, try a mid-length bob (or lob) with shorter, face-framing layers and curtain bangs.

How to Style Your Wolf cut 

A woman wearing a wig in the style Bailey by Rene of Paris in the shade Marble Brown, standing in a park.

Featured Here: Bailey by Rene of Paris in shade Marble Brown

If you have a wolf cut or a wig with this edgy hairstyle, you may be curious on the different ways you can style it. You can easily maintain this bold hairdo with the right products and care. You can achieve this haircut’s tousled and wild look in minutes with styling products, heat tools, and a good heat protection spray.
Please note: Make sure your wig is heat friendly before you style your wig. You will damage the hair fibers if you use heat on a wig that’s not heat friendly!

Style the Hair with Products

Shaping Creme 

Whether you are styling your wig or natural hair, it’s important to have a good shaping creme or texturizing spray that’s not only easy on the hair but also holds the style. We recommend using Beautimark’s Shaping Creme or Velvet Spray Gel because they allow you to maneuver the hair fibers with ease. These products will help you create definition and retain the wolf cut’s messy look.

Leave-In Conditioner

The wolf cut wigs in our collection are all made with synthetic fibers and can be air dried after washing. When you wash your wig, use a good leave-in conditioner to keep the strands healthy and tangle-free. Be sure to spray from mid-shaft to the ends. Do not spray the roots, or you’ll damage the wig. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes, then rinse out the hair with lukewarm water. Press and squeeze the water out with a towel. Do not wring your wig. Finally, part the hair gently with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry on a wig stand.

Style the Hair with Curling Iron

Since the wolf cut is all about texture and movement, add curls or waves to the hair with your curling iron or straightener. If you are planning to curl your wig, we recommend setting the heat to no higher than 275° F on your curling iron or wand.

First, take the hair and separate it into small sections. Choose a section and begin to wrap the hair around the barrel of the curling iron or wand. Allow the styling tool to hold the hair in place for 8-12 seconds before releasing the curl. Repeat these steps as you style your hair until you’ve curled every strand. The last step is to shake out the curls and enjoy your new look!

Style the Hair the Velcro Rollers

If you don’t want to use a curling iron on your hair or wig, there is another method you can use to curl the hair - velcro rollers. Using the same steps as the curling iron, section your hair to prepare it for the velcro roller. Next, split off your hair and wrap it around a velcro roller. Move the roller up towards the top of the hair, starting from the ends.

Allow the rollers to sit in the hair for 10 minutes before removing them. If you are using a wig, take it off its stand and shake the hair out. Or, if you are styling your natural hair, turn your head upside down and fluff out your hair to add volume. Next, flip your hair back into place and smooth it out. Then, use a good holding spray to retain the style. Now you can show off your new ‘do!

Wigs that Look Similar to the WOlf Cut

If you’re looking to make an edgy and rebellious statement, we have wigs that share the same spirit and look of the wolf cut from brands Rene of Paris, Noriko, Hairdo, and Estetica. These edgy wigs give you the chance to show off your wild side with their short bangs, choppy layers, and bold haircuts.

Final Thoughts

The wolf cut stands out from other hairstyles with its tousled appearance and bold look. From textured layers to daring angles, this haircut is bound to give you a rebellious vibe. You can easily customize this hairstyle to suit your hair texture and face shape by trimming the length, changing the style of the bangs, and even adding curls or waves into the hair. (If you are wearing a wig with a wolf cut, please take it to a salon professional if you want to do any customization). Embrace your wide side and try out a wolf cut! 
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