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Breaking the Stigma of Synthetic Wigs 

Many new wig-wearers are wary of synthetic wigs because of the misconceptions surrounding them, such as they are shiny, unflattering, and not realistic. However, technology has improved the caliber of synthetic wigs to the point they not only resemble natural hair but also are styleable, trendy, and gorgeous. We wanted to highlight the many benefits synthetic wigs have, such as: their low maintenance, versatility, and low density. Join us as we aim to break the stigma of synthetic wigs and share why we love them!

Synthetic Wigs Are Creative 

An unfortunate stigma of synthetic wigs is that there isn’t a lot of diversity in styles. However, over the last several decades, wigs have evolved to have creative designs that boast their own style and personality. They also come in an array of colors and haircuts, so you can easily find one that suits you the best. You can truly make a wig your own with synthetic hair. 

Synthetic Hair Is Ready-to-Wear

Featured Here: Sky by Noriko in shade Silver Stone

What’s amazing about synthetic hair is that it comes out of the box practically ready-to-wear. Synthetic hair retains its style, even after it's been in storage. Always remember to give your wig a firm shake after taking it out of the box and spray it with water to “wake up the hair” before putting it on your head. 

If you’re looking for the perfect ready-to-wear wig, check out Sky by Noriko. This short bob has feathery layers with wispy bangs for a modern hairstyle. Perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions! 

Synthetic Hair Is Lightweight

Synthetic hair is made with lightweight fibers, making them less dense than human hair. Synthetic wigs are cooler to wear in warmer climates or if you’re going to be outdoors all day. 

One of our favorite lightweight wigs is Winner Petite by Raquel Welch. Not only does it feature a cute pixie cut, but this synthetic wig is also designed with a basic cap. This type of cap construction improves air flow, allowing your scalp “to breathe.” Now that’s one “cool” wig!

Synthetic Hair Is a Skillfully Crafted Fiber 

A common concern new wig-wearers have is the quality of synthetic wigs. However, synthetic hair is a skillfully crafted fiber because of the process it goes through to look like real hair. In fact, wig designers carefully design the fibers to give them distinctive colors and textures, so they'll feel soft and natural. 

An example of a wig made with skillfully crafted fiber is Well Played by Raquel Welch. The high quality synthetic hair is made with heat friendly fibers, so you can use heat tools to style it. This basic cap wig features a sleek, layered haircut that beautifully frames the face. 

Synthetic Hair Is Low Maintenance

Featured Here: Cameron by Jon Renau in shade 12FS8 Shaded Praline

Wigs made with synthetic hair are easy to wear because of how low maintenance they are. They come pre-styled and retain their look, even after you wash your wig. Regardless if the weather is humid and rainy, your hair will not frizz and fall flat. You’ll always have perfect hair with synthetic wigs! 

Cameron by Jon Renau is the epitome of low maintenance. This elegant layered bob comes out of the box ready-to-wear and requires minimal styling for an all-day fabulous look. The medium-length hair rests above the collarbone, so it’s less likely to tangle. If you’re looking for flawless hair, Cameron is the wig you want! 

Synthetic Hair Is Styleable

Featured Here: Thrill Seeker by Hairdo in shade R2 Ebony

Another common stigma of synthetic wigs is that they are hard to style. However, many wigs are now designed to be more styleable. In the past, you could not use heat tools on the hair without the fibers getting singed or ruined. Now, many synthetic wigs are made with heat friendly fibers, like Thrill Seeker by Hairdo. It’s designed with Hairdo’s Tru2Life Heat Friendly synthetic fiber, so you can straighten and curl the hair. The wavy hair is also long enough for you to braid or put up in a ponytail if you need it out of your face. The possibilities are endless with Thrill Seeker! 

***Please Note: Not ALL synthetic wigs are made with heat friendly fibers. Always check the manufacturer information before using heat tools on the hair! 

Synthetic Wigs Are Beautiful

A commonly believed stigma of synthetic wigs is that they are ugly and unflattering. However, designers and stylists have been improving the look of wigs by using hair trends, vibrant colors, and higher quality materials to make them absolutely stunning. By using a wide color palette and hairstyles, synthetic wigs have become beautiful works of art. 

Synthetic Hair Is Versatile

What’s amazing about synthetic wigs is their versatility. You can use them to match your outfit to wear around the office, glam up your look for a night out, and even relax at home doing your favorite hobbies. No matter what you do in your wig, it’s the perfect fashion accessory!

Lia II by Ellen Wille is a fantastic example of a versatile wig. The modern blunt bob haircut is perfect for any setting. Its medium length makes it a fun, lightweight style that’s great for traveling and date nights. Additionally, Lia II’s straight hair is heat friendly, so you can use heat tools to change up your look when you need to wear this hairstyle to the office or for a special occasion.

Synthetic Hair Is Trendy

Featured Here: Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris in shade Dusty Rose 

Synthetic wigs come in an array of styles and colors, allowing them to cater to everyone’s taste. Whether the newest trend is a vibrant, edgy color or a sleek and glamorous cascade of layers, wigs allow you to change up your look without the commitment of cutting or coloring your hair to follow the latest hair fashion. 

Let’s look at Breezy Wavez by Rene of Paris, for example. This mid-length wig features a trendy wolf cut with its tapered bangs and loose waves. Breezy Wavez comes in a variety of colors from natural shades to fashion forward hues to suit your preference. 

Synthetic Hair Is Realistic

One stigma of synthetic wigs you often hear is that they look fake and shiny. However, the process of creating synthetic hair has made the fibers feel and look more like bio hair. 

One of our favorite realistic-looking wigs is Avery by Jon Renau. This alluring synthetic wig has full bangs and long layers for a flattering look. It even has a monofilament top and lace front for a more natural appearance.

***Please Note: If you ever feel like your synthetic wig looks shiny, spray water or dry shampoo on the fibers to take the shine out and “dull” the colors.

Synthetic Hair Is Vibrant

Featured Here: Wavy Day by Raquel Welch in shade Fiery Copper

Synthetic hair comes in beautiful vibrant colors that you can’t always get at the salon. The fibers catch the color easily, so the hue is bolder and more visible compared to bio hair. 

Raquel Welch is known for their vibrant colors, like their shade Fiery Copper. This stunning red hue is a medium light auburn that is evenly blended with ginger blonde. As you can see on this Wavy Day wig, the beautiful auburn-ginger blonde blend creates a highlight effect that adds more dimension to the hair.

Synthetic Wigs Are Special

We hope we were able to break the stigma of synthetic wigs by showcasing their amazing characteristics. Synthetic wigs are special because they are the hair we choose to express ourselves. These wigs put the finishing touch on our everyday style and give us the power to regain our confidence. You can truly make a synthetic wig your own with all the different colors, textures, and lengths they come in. Keep your head high and show off your crown, gorgeous! 

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