Can You Straighten Synthetic Hair? Exploring Methods and Tips

March 1st, 2024

Whether you're aiming for a sleek look or just want to switch things up, straightening your wig or hairpiece can be a fantastic way to achieve a new style. However, unlike natural hair, synthetic hair has a few more rules when it comes to achieving straightened locks so that you avoid damaging it. In order to change your look using hot tools, we recommend choosing a heat friendly synthetic style which allows you to use flat irons unlike traditional synthetic fiber. 
Here are five expert tips to help you straighten heat friendly synthetic hair flawlessly:

Choose the Right Tools:

Opt for a flat iron with adjustable temperature settings. Synthetic hair typically requires lower heat settings than natural hair to avoid melting or damage. Look for irons with ceramic or tourmaline plates, as they distribute heat more evenly and cause less damage.

Use Heat Protectant:

Just like with natural hair, heat protectant is essential for safeguarding synthetic hair from heat damage. Before straightening, apply a light heat protectant spray or serum specifically formulated for heat friendly synthetic hair like Jon Renau’s Heat Treat Thermal Spray. This will create a barrier between the hair and the heat, minimizing the risk of damage.

Work in Sections:

Divide your hair into small, manageable sections before straightening. Working in sections ensures thorough straightening and allows you to control the heat exposure better. Start from the bottom layers and gradually work your way up to the top sections. Be patient and take your time to straighten each section evenly.

Avoid Overheating:

Heat friendly synthetic hair is more susceptible to heat damage than natural hair, so start with the lowest heat setting on your flat iron and gradually increase the temperature if needed. Avoid temperatures higher than 350 degrees fahrenheit. Remember, it's better to use less heat and make multiple passes than to risk damaging the fibers.

Finish with Care:

Once you've straightened to perfection, finish off with a lightweight, non-greasy hair serum or shine spray made for synthetic hair. BeautiMark’s Smooth detangler adds a beautiful luster to your locks and helps tame tangles while also preventing frizz. Avoid using heavy products that can weigh down the hair or cause buildup over time.
With the right tools and techniques, straightening synthetic hair can be a breeze. Remember to prioritize heat protection, work in small sections, and be mindful of the heat settings to keep your synthetic locks looking flawless and fabulous.