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Tanya’s Experience with Traveling with Wigs

Our Client Care Manager Tanya Ramsey shares her experience with traveling with wigs as an expert and from the experts:
I was traveling to Mexico with 40 people and was curious if they knew I wore wigs. Traveling this time was a different experience for me because all I needed to do was pack my hair rather than worry about curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, etc.

The amazing experts that I work with recommended the following:

Drive by Ellen Wille

I wore Drive to the airport under a baseball cap (I like to travel comfortably), and it was very comfortable and looked natural. I was nervous about going through the TSA. Although I knew I had nothing to worry about, there was still a little anxiety about going through with my hair. Thankfully, everything went smoothly, and I had nothing to worry about. 
We landed, checked into the hotel, and then grabbed lunch and a cocktail. Later, we were all meeting for dinner and drinks—time to freshen up and change. I had an outfit all picked out (a white and black striped long-sleeve bodysuit with black jeans). I was feeling my Audrey Hepburn moment, so I wanted my hair to look sleek. I freshened up my Drive wig by spraying it with a little detangler and combing it out. Drive was comfortable walking around in the warm weather and super comfortable for dinner and drinks. I even danced with my hubby and didn't have to worry about my hair the whole time.

Rachel Lite by Jon Renau

Featured Here: Rachel Lite by Jon Renau in shade 12FS12
The next day, we packed up to move locations. I was going with a cute skort and t-shirt and a baseball cap again (comfortable and cute and good for sun coverage). I decided today I would wear Rachel Lite. OH MY hair! It was so comfortable and lightweight. I didn't feel like I had a wig on! We rode for about 45 minutes to the next location where we were staying but stopped at a cool restaurant/bar along the way. We were outside, and again, I can't say enough how comfortable and natural Rachel Lite looked and felt! Later, we checked into our hotel, did a tour, and sat by the pool. I put Rachel up in a claw clip, threw my baseball cap back on, and breezed through the afternoon.

Simmer Elite by Raquel Welch

Featured Here: Simmer Elite by Raquel Welch in shade RL19/23SS
That night, we had dinner set up on the patio of our hotel, which was going to be outside. I was wearing a cute blouse with jeans, so I wanted something cute and easy. I decided to switch to Simmer Elite. It was the perfect flirty, casual but elegant look. I love this style because it is very similar to what my hair looked like before but a little shorter. 

Zara Lite by Jon Renau 

Featured Here: Zara Lite by Jon Renau in shade 12FS12
The next day, we were going to be outside on a tour, walking through a distillery and the vast home on it. I wanted to be cute but comfortable on this day, so I wore a casual dress and decided to go with Zara Lite. I did two cute braids and threw on a cute lightweight (sun blocking) fedora hat. I loved how light Zara was and that I could style it like my own hair. I didn't get hot or uncomfortable being outside in it all day. I kept her on and went from day to night. We continued to go into town to see and experience the local restaurants and fare. 

Arrow & Lia II by Ellen Wille 

Featured Here: Arrow by Ellen Wille in shade Sand Multi Rooted
Our last day :( We spent the day relaxing by the pool and then had our friend's big birthday party that evening. While relaxing by the pool, I wore Arrow. I put her up in a claw clip and wore a hat. Again, no one could tell I was wearing a wig. For the evening, I wore Lia II. She is easy, breathable, and lightweight. 

Wrapping Up

Throughout the whole trip, no one knew I was wearing wigs until they heard about my journey with breast cancer and that I was going through chemo and had lost my hair. After finding out, the women in our group of 40 were so kind and complimented my wigs. They said they were all so beautiful!
Our experts did a fantastic job of making recommendations for all occasions while I traveled.

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