The Hair I Choose

“The Hair I Choose” is a campaign to demystify synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs are stereotyped to be low quality, shiny, and unflattering. However, technology has come a long way to make these hand-crafted fibers not only resemble natural hair but also be more styleable, manageable, and gorgeous. Join us as we showcase our wig community sharing why they choose synthetic wigs.

Synthetic hair allows you to express yourself in your favorite color and hairstyle with its wide color palette and low maintenance. You can truly make any wig your own!

Synthetic hair comes in a variety of stunning colors from bold shades to subtle highlights that suit every preference and style.

Synthetic hair is skillfully made with hand crafted fiber to mimic the look and feel of natural hair.

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"Many new wig-wearers are wary of synthetic wigs because of the misconceptions surrounding them, such as they are shiny, unflattering, and not realistic. However, technology has improved the caliber of synthetic wigs to the point they not only resemble natural hair but also are styleable, trendy, and gorgeous. We wanted to highlight the many benefits synthetic wigs have, such as: their low maintenance, versatility, and low density. Join us as we aim to break the stigma of synthetic wigs and share why we love them!..."