Our model Sophia wearing LYNDON by RENE OF PARIS in color MELTED-MARSHMALLOW


How to Make a Wig Less Shiny: Tips and Tricks for a Natural, Matte Finish

Wigs are fantastic accessories for switching up your look or dealing with hair loss, but sometimes they can look a bit too shiny, giving away their artificial nature. Here are some quick tips to help you reduce shine and achieve a more natural appearance: 
Our models Roxie and Sophia wearing Music by Ellen Wille in shade METALLIC BLONDE ROOTED and VERO by Rene of Paris in shade WATERMELON-R
  • Choose Wisely: Always go with high-quality wigs from leading brands made with natural-looking fibers like human hair or realistic synthetics.

  • Opt for Highlighted Shades: Solid colored wigs can sometimes give off more shine. Alternatively, highlighted or multidimensional colors offer the most realism.

  • Dry Shampoo: Spray a light mist of dry shampoo on your wig and comb it through to absorb excess oil and give it a matte finish.

  • Use Proper Care Products: Be sure to use shampoos, conditioners and styling products made for synthetic fibers. They’re carefully formulated to provide just enough moisture without leaving residue that can create shine.

  • Avoid Shine Serums: Steer clear of shine serums and oils, as they can amplify shine on synthetic wigs.

Experiment with these techniques to find what works best for you. With a little effort, you can confidently rock your wig and embrace your unique style!

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