Meet Dana Behnke!

March 14th, 2024

Wig Expert
Meet Dana Behnke! Dana is our Client Care Education Lead and Assistant Manager here at She loves that her role gives her the privilege of being a source of knowledge and support for our valued customers in the world of wigs. She aims to make every interaction enriching by guiding customers through choosing and caring for their wigs, ensuring they feel confident in their decisions. Whether she’s explaining wig styles or offering personalized assistance, she’s committed to promoting education and excellence in customer care. Read to learn more about Dana’s role in our company.

About Me

Wig Expert Dana smiling
Dana color matching a fellow wig expert's hair Tell us a little about yourself, how you ended up working at Beauty & Hair, and what you love most about working here!

Dana: My name is Dana. I'm a hairstylist from Southern California. I have had the complete privilege of being in the beauty industry for 13 years now.
How did I start my journey with B&H you might ask? Well, as with most of us when the pandemic hit, I had nothing but time to ponder what I wanted life to look like after it was all over and came to two conclusions: 1- I was ready for a new adventure and 2 - whatever I did next it had to be something that would make a positive impact in others lives.
That’s when I packed my bags and moved to Dallas and quickly stumbled upon a listing for I was immediately intrigued by what was this world in the beauty industry I knew little about. I quickly learned so much about the wig community and what a beautiful tight-knit community it is. I have been in love with it ever since.
Beauty & Hair is truly one of a kind as it is a company who truly cares so deeply for each of its clients and it is such an honor to be a part of. How would you describe our team at Beauty & Hair?

Dana: There are a million and one things I love about the Beauty & Hair team at However, the one thing that continually comes to mind is the compassion and heart each of us has. They are so passionate about what we do and are always going above and beyond for each person we interact with; I’ve never seen anything quite like it! What is one of your most memorable consultations?

Dana: I’ve had so many wonderful virtual consultations over my time here, however, one that will always have my heart was with a woman whose daughter was about to get married. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and knew she was about to lose her hair before this momentous day.
She was unsure anything would look like or feel like her bio hair and was overwhelmed by all the information. I assured her we would find her not just an acceptable item but one that would make her feel like herself. By the end of the consultation, I could tell she felt lighter as I assured her I was her to take this weight off her shoulders. We selected a color and style we felt would be good. A few weeks later, she sent me a photo positively glowing! 
It’s moments like these that continue to inspire me.

My Advice Why should someone book a virtual consultation with one of our experts?

Dana:  Booking a virtual meeting with one of our experts is such a unique and wonderful opportunity. It allows you to connect with us one-on-one and pick our brains with any questions or concerns you might have. We are here to help take the weight off your shoulders and assist you in finding your best match. What advice would you have for a new wig or hair topper wearer?

Dana: Searching for a hair topper or wig for the first time can be overwhelming when you start to see all the options available. However, the education is out there waiting for you. So many brave women have created exceptional educational videos about their journeys. The best part is you have to look no further than our site. We have so much amazing content available right here on From measuring to cap construction and even care videos–all of which were inspired by women like you. Not to mention, we offer one-on-one support with our video consultations. We are here for you!
Dana demonstrating how to style a wig

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