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Meet Estetica’s Wig Designer: Grace 

Meet Estetica’s wig designer Grace. In this exclusive interview with, she shares how she got started designing wigs for Estetica and even gives us a glimpse of her creative process. Read on to learn Grace’s story and get a behind the scenes look into the wig industry. 

An Interview with Estetica’s Designer Grace

1. How long have you been a designer for Estetica?

Grace: I have been with Estetica for 14 years but not initially as a designer. I took the lead on  designing in 2017.

2. What is your favorite part about being a designer for Estetica?

Grace: That’s a tough question! There are so many things I love about being a designer for Estetica. However, if I had to pick a favorite aspect of being a designer at Estetica, it would be the fact that I have the privilege of working and interacting with all the people that are essential to the life cycle of a wig. From the factory staff to our fantastic retailers and the amazing wig community, the relationships that are built during the design process are truly invaluable. I love being a part of this larger partnership between all these groups. 

3. What got you into the business of wigs?

Grace: I always love asking people in this industry that question because I am so curious as to how people get into the business of wigs as it is such a unique and non-mainstream industry! I was actually a high school history teacher for 8 years before getting into the business of wigs. However, in my eighth year of teaching, I got pregnant with my first child. I had every intention of returning within the year but decided to take more time with my baby.

A part time job opportunity came about with Estetica in marketing, just as I was hoping to find part time work until I was ready to return to teaching.  However, as often happens with plans, they change! I had another baby and eventually settled into a full time position with Estetica. I loved teaching so much, mostly because I loved interacting and building relationships with my students. In fact, for the first few years at Estetica, I continued to plan my return to teaching. 

However, once Estetica became active in social media, I was able to connect with the amazing wig community and that is the greatest part of “the business of wigs.” While I love designing wigs, building those relationships is what keeps me in this industry.

4. How do you come up with new ideas for hairstyles for wigs?

Grace: Every day, everywhere I go, I am constantly looking at hair and noticing styles: colors, curl pattern, texture, etc! I also love checking out any and all images posted by salons on social media.

5. What is your favorite wig design and what inspired it?

Grace: Jones is one of my favorite wig designs for a number of reasons! The design was inspired by actress Kate Moennig’s shag hairstyle in the series Ray Donovan. I absolutely loved how edgy and badass she made that shag look! 

When Jones was released, there were some social media comments that it looked like 80’s Rod Stewart hair. I was devastated!  But after those initial negative comments, Jones became a loved style. The thing I love the most about Jones is how wig wearers have shown me her versatility. I only saw Jones as edgy and bold! But, I have seen Jones anywhere from rocker chic to feminine and soft and everything in between. For me, it’s not just the literal design that makes me like a wig. It is the stories and people behind them that I love.

6. What kind of challenges do you face as a wig designer?

Grace: One of the biggest challenges for me as a wig designer is navigating the limitations and elements that are out of my control with production. There are so many steps/stages involved in the creation of a style. Each stage can and often does, come with issues that need to be addressed which adds more time to the eventual release of the style. Even after all the kinks have been worked out with a style and it is produced, it is not guaranteed that the shipment will be without issues. 

The most gut wrenching situation is when we finally receive a shipment of a new style, only to find significant issues with a majority of the shipment.  There have been situations where we sent whole shipments back and delayed the launch of a collection because they did not meet our standard for quality. It is extremely difficult for me not to take this type of situation personally, because there truly is so much time, energy and love that is put into creating each style! However, as challenging as this may be for me as a designer, I greatly respect and appreciate Estetica’s commitment and dedication to quality control. 

7. The wigs in your heat defiant collection are absolutely stunning. What inspired you to create the hairstyles?

Grace: I am so thrilled you love the styles from our new Heat Defiant Collection!!  I was very excited about introducing a new fiber and wanted to offer a range of cap constructions and styles. From long and luscious to short and edgy, I was hoping to be able to provide a variety of styles to choose from. 

8. Which wig is your favorite from the Heat Defiant Collection?

Grace: My favorite from the collection is most definitely Vale. I always love pixies and short styles, but I especially love Vale because of the small elements that make her a little different. I worked really hard with the factory to make those choppy, irregular layers a reality. I’ve seen people on social media making the most of Vale’s irregular layers and I just LOVE IT!!!! 

9. If you’re able to tell, how were you able to develop a lace front that blends into the skin? It was practically invisible on our models Roxie, Sophie, and Maha, and they all have different skin tones.

Grace: I’m so glad you love our lace front!! But….I can’t reveal all my secrets 😉

10. Do you have any advice for anyone new to wigs?

Grace: Being new to wigs can be very intimidating and overwhelming. The different cap constructions alone are a lot to process, let alone the basics of how to wear a wig, care for a wig, etc. I’ve had the privilege of helping new wig wearers learn about wigs. However, there are so many resources and incredible people in the wig wearing community that have invaluable advice and knowledge that they share. I would tell someone to get involved and connected in the wig community! And of course, is such a fantastic resource for all things wigs. You all do such a wonderful job educating and helping new wig wearers navigate the journey of wig wearing. 

Final Thoughts

Grace's story shows the unexpected journey life can take us on from starting out as a history teacher to becoming Estetica’s wig designer. Her passion for building relationships and connecting with the wig community shines through in every aspect of her work. Grace’s commitment to creating stylish and high quality wigs shows through from finding inspiration in everyday moments to overcoming production challenges. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Grace!

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