How Lighting Affects the Colors of Wigs

As we anxiously anticipate the arrival of the solar eclipse, we were curious to see how lighting affects the colors of wigs. Have you ever bought a wig and were surprised by how the color looked differently than its picture online? Although wigscome in a wide array of color options, most manufacturers utilize the same color code system when crafting their special blend of wig colors. While the many choices are exciting, it can be overwhelming at times, especially when you notice that the same color looks different between wig styles.
Whether you're browsing online or trying on in person, considering the lighting environment can drastically alter your perception of a wig's hue. We highly recommend trying on your style and looking at the hair color under various lighting conditions before you write your wig off.
Hopefully this blog can help you understand how lighting affects the colors of wigs based on the environment, texture, and length. 

How Different Lighting Environments Can Affect a Wig’s Color

Have you ever noticed how hair color seems to be lighter or darker, depending on the type of the lighting you’re in? How light reflects off the hair fiber’s pigment determines its color. The reflection may make the hue different color, tint, or tone depending on the quality, intensity, and type of light source. 
Consequently, the same wig color may appear different under professional studio lights, indoor lighting, or sunlight. Let’s look at Skylar by Jon Renau. One of the colors this wig comes in is shade 22F16S8 Venice Blonde. When you compare the different lighting sources, you will notice the hue changes.
Skylar by Jon Renau in shade 22F16S8 Venice Blonde
Look at 22F16S8 under natural sunlight (last photo), its hue appears brighter and has higher contrast compared to its appearance indoors (second photo). As different lighting sources interact with the pigments, you notice the differences of color with subtle shifts in tone and tint.
Next, compare the first photo with the indoor and outdoor lighting photos. It features the same 22F16S8 color. However, in this instance, it’s photographed under professional lights in a studio. Now you see how important it is to considerhow lighting affects the colors of wigs, especially when shopping for wigs online. The different light sources in the photos can change the hue of the wig.

Other Examples:


Final Thoughts

Hopefully this blog has helped you understand how lighting affects the colors of wigs. Choosing a new wig color can be exciting with all the possibilities. However, sometimes the color may look different in person than it did online. In order to make a more informed choice, it’s important to understand how different lighting conditions may change the color, tint, or tone of a wig. Whether you're exploring options online or trying on in person, remember to take the time to assess the wig under different lighting environments. 

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