How to Put on a Hair Topper 

Whether you are seeking voluminous hair or wanting to hide thinning hair or bald patches, hair toppers are a fantastic hair solution. They are quick and easy to put on, offer instant flawless hair in seconds, and even help conceal hair loss.
Before you begin trying on your hair topper, you should know the proper application. Improper placement may make the hair topper look unnatural and may not blend in with your hair very well. Additionally, if you put your hair topper too close to the scalp, it can pull on the hair and potentially cause headaches and hair breakage. No one wants that. 
To avoid hair damage, we want to share our tips and tricks on how to put on a hair topper. The process will require patience and practice, but the end result will be beautiful, flawless hair. Read ahead to discover how to put on a hair topper.

Instructions on How to Put on a Hair Topper

  1. Take a Deep Breath: Open the box, and carefully remove the hair topper.
  2. Prep the Hair Topper: Shake or finger comb the hair topper before putting it on.  
  3. Practice Using the Clips: Make sure all clips on the hair topper are “open.” Practice opening and closing them to get comfortable with how they work. 
  4. Positioning: Hold the hair topper upside down (by the pressure-sensitive clips) with the front hairline facing you. Place it on top of your head in the desired area of coverage, adjusting the part if necessary. You can place the hair topper right at the hairline, or up to 2” behind your hairline.
  5. Secure Proper Clip Placement: Once your hair topper in your preferred position, starting with the front clip, scoop your hair and close the clip. Check the position of the hair topper and flatten the top of your hair topper before closing the next clip, slowly repeating each time until you have closed all of the clips. Next, work your way to the back clips, pressing down firmly on the topper before closing each clip. Remember to push down on top of your hair topper, instead of pulling or stretching the hair topper when applying. If the clips are too tight and are pulling your hair, reposition and reclip or the tension could accelerate hair loss in the areas where the clips are too tight. 
  6. Adjust as Needed: Make any necessary adjustments, including parting the hair topper to your liking. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get the hair topper on properly.  
  7. Smooth Out Tousled Areas: Use a bit of water if you need to smooth down areas that may have gotten touseled during transport.  
  8. Heat Styling: If heat styling is required, remove the hair topper and place it on a canvas block head to style. Avoid styling it while it's attached to your head to prevent tension-related issues like hair loss if over pull on one of the clips.   
  9. The Art of Making Your Hair Topper Look Natural: Use a shadow matching the root of the hair topper to create a seamless transition between your natural hairline and the topper. A matte shadow similar to your eyebrow color often works well.
  10. Blend Your Hair: Finger comb and blend your natural hair with the hair in the topper for a more natural look.
Still need help on how to put on a hair topper? Expert assistance is just a call away! Give us a call or book a complimentary video chat. We would love to help walk you through proper application and removal techniques to ensure you achieve the most natural look. 

Instructions on How to Remove Your Hair Topper 

What’s great about hair toppers is that they are easy to remove. However, you don’t want to rip the hair topper off your head. Be very gentle when you open the clips, so you don’t pull on the hair.
  1. Unclip: Open each clip carefully.
  2. Be Gentle: Avoid pulling your hair while removing the topper by focusing on each clip and gently peeling off the hair.
  3. Storage: When not in use, carefully set your hair topper on a wig stand to maintain its shape, and allows for proper air flow.

Pro Tips on How to Put on Your Hair Topper 

  1. Play around with the hair topper’s placement whether it’s further forward or further back on the hair. Experimenting with its position on your head will help create a seamless blend with your hair. 
  2. If your scalp is more sensitive or has less hair in the front, you could replace the front clip of your topper with adhesive or a comb. 
  3. Use hair powder (or shadow) that matches your hair and topper to help conceal any sparse areas around your hairline. If the roots aren’t exactly the same shade, you can also use shadow to blend the hairline at the part for a more natural look. 
  4. If your hair topper is heat friendly, pin your curls or waves and allow them to cool before putting on your hair topper. 

Wrapping Up

Whether you're wanting to conceal thinning hair, add volume, or simply experiment with a new look, hair toppers offer a quick and convenient solution. Learning how to put on a hair topper not only gives you flawless hair in seconds but also helps prevent hair damage and headaches. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily attach your hair topper with ease.
Remember, patience and practice are essential when you put on a hair topper, but the end result—gorgeous, flawless hair—is undoubtedly worth the effort. So, take your time, experiment with placement, and enjoy the confidence that comes with mastering the use of hair toppers.

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