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Wigs.com Community Celebrates International Women’s Month

We’re celebrating International Women’s Month with a message of encouragement. For newcomers to wigs, overwhelming and intimidating feelings often accompany finding and wearing a wig. There may be days where it feels like the wig owns you, instead of the other way around. You’re not alone! Our wig ambassadors share how they feel empowered by their wigs and how to make a wig your own. 

Testimonies from Our Wig Ambassadors

Mel B
“In a world of busy women, wigs have found their way into a place of convenience, fashion, beauty and self-Confidence. Women wear the hair! You deserve it!”
"I have found wigs to be my happiest good hair moments or days. I love the feeling they give me and who doesn’t need to feel good these days? My advice is to wear the hair every chance you get to adjust, learn and grow into this hair journey you are on."
Favorite Styles
Natalie Gray
Here's a couple thoughts of the ways wigs impact my life for the positive:
Confidence comes from within. When I put on a wig and have beautiful hair, my confidence soars and it shows.
Wigs are a way to express my personality. They are a part of me.
Don't be afraid to add accessories to your wig. 
Treat a wig like regular hair and add a headband, braids, a clip or a cute hat to make it feel like you!
Favorite Styles
Wig Ambassador Natalie Gray wearing Amber by Jon Renau in shade FS17/101S18
Emily Herrin
Don’t be afraid to make a wig “you”! You can style and change just like your real hair. After all, it is your hair; you bought it! 
Favorite Styles
Wig Ambassador Emily Herrin wearing Citrus Mint by BelleTress in shade English Toffee
Susan Sparks
My Moto is Stay Ready! (This way you don't have to get ready) Wigs have brought me the ability to “be ready” at a moment's notice. No more saying "no" because I'm having a bad hair day. Gone are the mornings when I didn't feel like going out with friends because I didn't like my hair. Everyday is a good hair day. Everyday is exciting and fun because I have hair to look forward to. I wake up with excitement to wear my hair and join the day.
International Women's Month means that we, as women, not only have the power to lift each other up - we have the duty to empower each other. Let's be the women that fix another woman's crown without telling the world it was crooked.
There is plenty of room on my bench for you!
Favorite Styles
Kristyna Moore
Having a little girl of my own changed everything for me. I never wanted her growing up feeling about herself the way that I felt about myself for the first 34 years of my life, so I knew I had to do some hard work. That’s when I jumped head first into wigs and I never looked back. They very quickly gave me the confidence I’d never had in my entire life, but once I decided to “come out” to everyone I knew about my wig wearing it was like I finally gave myself permission to truly OWN my wig wearing and have fun with it. Honestly, whenever I begin doubting myself or start hearing that hyper critical inner voice telling me lies I think of Blakely, and it always gives me the strength to keep doing the hard work…because she is worth it and so am I! 
Favorite Styles
Wig Ambassador Kristyna Moore in shade RL12/22SS

Wrapping Up

Our wig ambassadors create a powerful testament to the significance of self-expression and empowerment. As we wrap up International Women's Month, let us remember to empower one another, fostering a sisterhood where every woman's crown shines bright. Together, let us embrace the diversity of our experiences and affirm the inherent worth and beauty within each of us. 

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