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Choosing Joy with Wigs

As the sun warms our days, we at invite you to celebrate not just the summer but yourself and all that makes you unique. There's a special kind of happiness in finding the perfect style that makes you smile. We wanted to share how wigs have brought joy and confidence by sharing stories and videos from our wig community.

Choosing Joy with Wigs: Community Stories

One customer shares how a wig brought her joy just in time for her daughter’s bridal shower: 

“Since Covid, I have lost a considerable amount of hair. I was very apprehensive and scared to wear a wig, but with my daughter's Bridal Shower, I was desperate to try anything to improve my look. To my surprise, everyone was complimenting me on my hair and could not believe it was a wig. I was so conscientious about my hair loss and elated how natural the wig looked on me. It felt light and airy and fit my head perfectly -- I could not have asked for anything better!”

In this first video, ambassador Lisa Mullins from @beautifulyouwigreviews shares three ways wigs brought her joy: 

A customer shares this heartwarming story about the moment she discovered the joy  wigs can bring: 

“When I was fairly new to wearing wigs and losing my hair, I worried about people knowing it was a wig or being treated differently. I was definitely treated differently in a good way! Whenever I wear a wig, I’ll always get compliments on my hair and am asked who does it. Sometimes I wink and lift up the front and other times just say thank you or I just got it and leave them wondering. The first Christmas I wore a wig, my nieces were fascinated by it. They asked if they could hold it and try it on. To hear them tell each other they look so good felt like my heart would burst! These young girls not only felt beautiful, but they were showering each other with compliments. You could see confidence just in how their posture changed and the smiles on their faces. I’m elated that current and future generations no longer see alternative hair as something to hide or be ashamed of. I’m so grateful to the brave men and women who have selflessly put themselves out there to normalize wig-wearing. Wearing alternative hair is a personal choice. It may not be for everyone but for me, it makes me feel even more beautiful and confident. It also saves me oodles of time when I am getting ready by having perfect hair in a matter of seconds!”

In our next video, ambassador Mel B. from shares how wigs restored her confidence and identity: 

“I feel beautiful in my wigs. It brings me joy to be able to truly show my young daughter what confidence looks like.” 

Choosing Joy with Wigs: Advice 

Losing your hair can be daunting, whether due to medical reasons, aging, or cancer. It’s natural to feel self-conscious about your appearance, despite options to conceal hair loss. Questions like: “Can anyone tell that I’m losing my hair?” or “Can anyone see I’m wearing a wig?” may linger, adding to the anxiety.

Here are a few tips if you are feeling anxious about losing your hair: 

1. Find a community 

Try connecting with others who are also experiencing hair loss. Look for any online groups or communities for emotional support and to gain knowledge.

Join the Wig & Topper Lovers private Facebook group to connect with wig and topper enthusiasts worldwide. You can share stories, styling photos, and ask questions in this supportive community. To find out how you can join this group, check out our social page

2. Take Care of Yourself

Prioritizing self-care and engaging in activities that bring you joy can enhance your mental wellness. Whether it’s pursuing hobbies, enjoying quality time with loved ones, or preparing your favorite meal, these practices promote inner peace and happiness. 

3. Be Kind To Yourself 

Some days, it can feel challenging to choose joy. In this last video, our ambassador Kristyna Moore from @kristynamoore shares a different perspective on choosing joy with wigs. When you start to despair or feel overwhelmed with self-doubt, she offers some great advice: 

Embracing Joy: The Transformative Power of Wigs

Choosing joy with wigs is about more than just changing your hairstyle. It's about boosting your confidence, feeling good about yourself, and brightening your outlook. Your happiness radiates beauty, and a wig can be the perfect accessory to highlight that inner glow.

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