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How to Wear a Wig in Hot Weather: The Complete Guide

We all know that the summer heat can be overwhelming and even unbearable, especially when you wear a wig. While it’s a great way to change your look and help conceal hair loss, the weather may feel “too hot” for wigs. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to keep your head cool and comfortable when the temperatures rise. Join us as we discuss how to wear a wig in hot weather by finding the right cap construction, hair fiber, and accessories, so you can enjoy this season in comfort. 

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Style Suggestions


Wig Care


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Which Wigs Are Better for Hot Weather

Wearing a wig in the hot summer months can seem daunting. It’s important to explore your options to find the perfect wig that suits your taste and lifestyle. The key lies in selecting the appropriate cap construction, hair fiber, and length to ensure a pleasant wig-wearing experience.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic hair wigs are perfect for getting the style that lasts. The fibers are lightweight, making them ideal for hot weather. Another advantage is that they retain their shape and hold the hairstyle, regardless of humidity or rain. Synthetic fibers have “style memory,” which means they bounce back to their original style, despite being exposed to hot weather or a damp environment. 

Basic Cap Wigs

If you want to stay cool while wearing a wig, find one with a basic cap construction. Basic cap or “capless” wigs are made with a thin elastic material for a lightweight feel. The hair is sewn in sections called wefts. Since they feel less dense and create more open space, wefts allow air to flow directly to your scalp to maximize breathability. 

Please Note: If you want a more natural appearance, look for a basic cap wig with a lace front and monofilament. These features will give you more styling options and create a realistic look.

Short Wigs

When the weather gets warm, wearing short wigs or hairstyles will help you stay cool. Short haircuts, like pixies and bobs, are less likely to stick to your face and neck. As an added bonus, short wigs require minimal styling. The ultimate shake-and-go wig!

Please Note: Since short wigs tend to expose more of your neck and shoulders, remember to protect your skin from the sun with sunblock or clothing if you’re going to spend time outdoors.

Long Wigs

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Long wigs can potentially lead to discomfort since they trap more heat and stick to your face and neck. However, if the idea of parting with your long locks fills you with dread, never fear! Like with bio hair, you can style your wig to keep the hair off your face and help you stay cool. Experiment with low ponytails, braids, and buns to help keep you cool and comfortable. 

Colors Play a Factor

Another aspect to consider when deciding to wear a wig in hot weather is the color. For example, darker colors, such as black, absorb much heat while lighter colors, like white, reflect all the light, instead of absorbing the heat. Similarly, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet absorb less heat in that order. If bold colors aren’t your style, you can wear a shade of blonde and brown, too. 

What Accessories Can Help Keep Your Head Cool?

Wig Liners

Wig caps are a great way to protect your scalp from your wig and also help keep your hair tucked up. However, they can be a little hot to wear, especially during the summer months. Fortunately, there are some alternatives you can try to help keep your head cool. 

No Sweat Liners by Headline It 

What’s great about wig liners is that they not only protect your head from your wig but can also help keep you cool. For example, if you want to prevent “sweaty head,” check out Headline It’s No Sweat Liners. They are designed to absorb and wick away sweat. And they are not just limited to summer months. You can also wear them to the gym or workouts.

Secure Softie by Jon Renau

If you need a little more protection, check out Jon Renau’s Secure Softie. This wig liner is made with bamboo viscose. Not only is the material super soft but it’s also breathable. Perfect for sensitive scalps! 

Sure Grip

If you have a sensitive scalp but don’t want to wear a wig cap or liner, check out Beautimark’s Sure Grip. This wig grip not only helps keep your wig in place but also prevents pressure that may be caused by your wig. What’s amazing about the Sure Grip is that you can stick it in the freezer and wear it under your wig to help stay cool.  

Hair Accessories

You can also use hair accessories to your advantage. Not only do they help elevate your look but they also protect you from the extra heat. For example, adding a headband or a hair clip can help get the hair out of your face and improve your style. You can also use barrettes or sunglasses to help keep your forehead cool and prevent the hair from sticking to your face. 

Hats, Head Covers & Halo Wigs

If you decide not to wear a wig in hot weather, there are a couple alternatives to protecting your head. You can wear hats and head covers to keep the sun off your scalp. If you like the feeling of hair, but don’t like the discomfort of heat, try a halo wig like Jon Renau’s Hat Magic 16” shown below. It’ll give you the look of having a full wig of hair but it’s open at top, so you can easily pair it with a hat.