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How to Wear Glasses with Wigs

With summer in full swing, it’s time to break out the shades and enjoy the warm weather! Whether you’re wearing glasses for daily use or as a fun accessory, it may be challenging to wear with a wig. Since the arms or “temples” of glasses tuck behind your ears, it can be difficult for them to stay in place because the cap of a wig usually sits there as well. But have no fear! Hopefully, this blog will serve as a helpful guide on how to wear glasses with wigs.


Tips on How You Can Wear Glasses With Wigs

Open Weft Caps

While you can wear glasses with most wigs, glasses stay comfortably in place the best with open wefted wigs. The open sections around the wefts allow you to slide your glasses through and rest comfortably on your ears. 

An example of a wig with this kind of cap construction is Heidi by Jon Renau. The open wefts run along the sides and back of the cap, so you can easily tuck the temples of the glasses into these gaps for a secure and comfortable fit. Plus, the open wefted cap improves air flow to your scalp for a cooler and breathable fit. Great for outdoor activities and hotter temperatures.

Ear Tabs 

Most wigs have ear tabs. This feature is sewn into the underside of a wig for placement and comfort. Most ear tabs have metal and wire “stays” sewn inside of them which helps keep them flat against the temple to achieve a natural look. Some wig-wearers find it comfortable to wear the temples of the glasses over the ear tabs. However, if this method doesn’t work for you, there are a couple of other techniques you can try to wear glasses with wigs.

Look for wigs made with open ear tabs. They have a small opening in the lining, which is the perfect size to thread your glasses’ “arms'' in. (Note: If your glasses do not fit, do not jam them in. You could potentially break your glasses.) An example of a wig with open ear tabs is Hairdo’s Curly Girlie. It’s also made with an open wefted cap, making it the perfect wig for glasses! 

However, if your wig has velvet ear tabs, there is another method you could use. Try tucking the temples of the glasses underneath the ear tabs. It will help keep them in place without slipping or sliding off. You can also try running a finger under the cap to make sure it doesn't get caught on the wefts or the elastic adjuster band (if your wig has one). The aforementioned Heidi also has velvet ear tabs, giving you the option to tuck your glasses inside the open wefts or under the ear tabs. 

(An example of a cap with an open ear tab)

Experiment with Different Hairstyles

How you wear your hair can affect your experience with wearing glasses with wigs. If you like the stylish look of bangs, find wigs that allow you to sweep the bangs back and away from your lenses; this is often easier with longer bangs. Wigs with shorter bangs may be more challenging to keep out of your face and off of your lenses.

Additionally, try styling your hair away from your face, so your glasses will fit more comfortably. Avoid wigs with lots of volume around the ears and temples. Lace front wigs often provide lighter density around your front hairline while also allowing the most natural appearance when your hair is pulled back. Please take your wig to a salon professional if you want to customize the volume or bangs to accommodate your glasses. 

Final Thoughts

If these tips don't work for your favorite wig or glasses, don't worry! Use a method that works well for YOU. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you have the correct wig size. An ill-fitting wig can affect how the glasses sit on your face and will not be a comfortable experience all-round.

You can take your glasses to an optician for them to be adjusted to accommodate your wig. You can also opt for glasses with thinner frames, so you’ll have more room.

Do you have any tips on how to wear glasses with wigs? Let us know in the comments!

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