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Finding Confidence with Wigs

We’re shedding light on mental wellness by sharing heartfelt testimonials from our customers and wig ambassadors who found solace and self-confidence with wigs. These women recount their emotional journey with hair loss and how wigs helped give them their sense of self back. Read to learn these brave women’s stories. 

Simmer by Raquel Welch

“This is my first time ordering a wig. I have significant hair loss due to medical issues and committing to a wig has been a huge step for me. I spent weeks shopping online, going into wig shops, and researching options. … I have only had it a day, but so far I am loving the way it makes me feel. I didn't spend my entire day worrying about whether people could see my bald spots, and it was an amazing feeling.”

 - Dani

When my hair loss was at its worst, I had lost my confidence. I no longer wanted to meet new people or go to events where I would worry constantly about my thin hair and my scalp showing.

One vacation in particular was the turning point. I avoided pictures almost the entire trip because of how I looked.  Missing out on the joy of the moments because I had zero confidence. That's when I decided to try wigs.

I did hours of research and picked Raquel Welch Simmer in Shaded Biscuit. It was close to my hair color and hairstyle.

When I put that wig on my head, I felt like a new version of my old self!  
Goodbye, thin bio hair. Hello, beautiful hair every day!
Confidence restored!
-Natalie Gray

Jamison by Estetica

Featured Here: Jamison by Estetica in shade Gradient Smoke

“I really like the Jamison style, and I've gotten it in several colors. Right now, I'm loving the Lilac Haze color. The style of the wig is a good length; it falls right under my chin. Sometimes it feels a tiny bit too big, but overall it is really comfortable. I get a TON of compliments on it, and it helps me feel very confident (which we all know isn't always easy, lol). Thank you for having this available!”

“...I'm a younger cancer patient, so my wig journey has been wild. I've accumulated quite a diverse collection of wigs to learn from. It was upsetting for me at first being in my 30s and seeing mostly "granny" or traditional pieces available at my budget. So, a wig like Jamison was worth the cost as she truly helps you to feel back to your age, your style, modern, etc. Just my two cents and personal experience!”

Tab by Ellen Wille

Featured Here: Tab by Ellen Wille in shade Mocca Rooted

“I love my new wig. It has made a difference in my life in terms of feeling confident about myself. No more not going to an event, appointment, etc., given the way my hair looks.”

Miranda by Jon Renau

Featured Here: Miranda by Jon Renau in shade 8RH14 Mousse Cake

“I purchased the Jon Renau Miranda wig and it is simply amazing! I recently developed lichen planopilaris (scarring alopecia) and lost 95 percent of my bio hair within 4 months. I never imagined I would ever have to wear a wig because my bio hair was thick and perfect. I have been completely devastated, but when I opened this box with this beautiful wig and put it on, I was completely in tears. It was almost identical to my bio hair. I finally felt like a woman again!” 
-Denise M.

Sky by Noriko 

Featured Here: Sky by Noriko in shade Silver Stone

“I have been experiencing hair loss for a while now and so far found no help. Losing hair is scary, yet I have been afraid to wear a wig. too... I chose Sky in Almond Spice since it reminded me of my hairstyle when I was younger. I decided to be brave and wear it to church on Sunday... Oh my goodness - everyone was raving about my hair, wanting to know where I had it done. People standing right close in front of me, looking at it, admiring my new style. .. 😁 I think I am hooked!!! Thank you for all the positive comments that helped me get the courage! I think I found a way to be cute at almost 60. 😍"

Coco by Rene of Paris

Featured Here: Coco by Rene of Paris in shade Coffee Latte

“Overall a pleasurable and surprising endeavor. Very excited about wig wearing. Now a cancer survivor, I can say that picking out different colors and styles of wigs has been an absolute BLAST of fresh air. Totally bald and often either tired, sick, or frustrated, I entered the world of wigs not expecting much. Instead, I got a surprising change in my appearance and soon in my attitude. I had worn my hair fairly long, but now, as it grows back from complete baldness, I think I will keep it short so that I can continue to wear wigs at my pleasure and whim. My husband has said it is like living with two different women when I put on a wig or take one off! I highly recommend all women to try a wig at least once and see what a change it can produce.”
-Kate S.

Zara by Jon Renau

Featured Here: Zara by Jon Renau in shade 12FS12 Malibu Blonde

“I believe strongly in self care and mental health. When I’m feeling blue, putting on hair lifts my spirits and makes me turn around the day. Zara was my first long blonde and the first time I had ‘dream hair’! Zara’s density is close to what mine would be if it could be. I am now this many years and feel beautiful, confident and ready to take on life!"
-Susan Sparks

Final Thoughts

These courageous women share how wigs have positively impacted their self-esteem. Through their narratives, wigs have helped them reclaim their confidence and allowed them to express themselves. As we focus on mental wellness, let us empower each other and foster a sisterhood where every woman's crown shines bright.

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