A Heartfelt Review of 'A Hair Love Story'

March 4th, 2024

Valentine's Day is more than just chocolates and roses; it's about celebrating love in all its forms. We strived to capture this sentiment this year with our Valentine’s Day photo shoot. We called it “A Hair Love Story” because we wanted to show the different ways a wig can help you find love within yourself. 
We had a lot of fun creating this photo shoot by being playful with the wigs, choosing the right color palette, and deciding which outfits to wear. (At one point, we had even changed our outfits and makeup five times to perfectly match the wigs). We were inspired by our hidden gems by showcasing beautiful wigs that needed more attention. 
In this blog, we’ll go over wigs from our popular brands Ellen Wille, Jon Renau, Tressallure, and Raquel Welch. Join us as we take a behind the scenes look and discover the wigs that stole our hearts.

Uncovering Hidden Gems  

Cupid's arrow must have struck our models Roxie, Maha, and Sophia because they were enamored with each wig they wore. From cascading waves to ethereal curls, these wigs weren't just accessories—they were a testament to self-love and expression. Let’s take a look at what they have to say about these hidden gems.
Featured Here: California Beach Waves by Tressallure in shade 14/26/R10

California Beach Waves by Tressallure

Roxie expresses that this wig gives you the hair every aspiring California girl dreams of. California Beach Waves is a hidden gem because of its beautiful golden tones, perfect beach waves, and feathery bangs. Roxie had a lot of fun pairing this wig with her dress, saying this stunning wig and pink dress was the perfect combo. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a flawless sunkissed hairstyle.
Featured here: Diva by Ellen Wille in shade Dark Chocolate Rooted

Diva by Ellen Wille

Sophia was obsessed with Ellen Wille’s Diva. Even before the shoot, she wore it so much that her makeup tinted the lace front. (As a PSA, do not try on a new wig with makeup until you decide to keep the wig.) What Sophia enjoys about Diva is its beautiful curl pattern, length, and cap construction. She loved that it required no styling and came out of the box practically ready to wear.
Featured Here: Sarah by Jon Renau in 14/26 NEW YORK CHEESECAKE

Sarah by Jon Renau

Maha was smitten with Sarah by Jon Renau the second she put it on her head. She said she doesn’t normally gravitate towards warm blondes but she absolutely adored this style! She thought that it was very pretty and adored its wave pattern. 
She gave this synthetic wig a 9/10 but took a point off for shedding. When she first took it out of the box, the wig did shed. Shedding is actually normal for wigs, especially when you first take it out of the box. You should be concerned if actual clumps of hair are falling out. To help keep your wig from shedding, always use a wide tooth comb when brushing and detangling your synthetic wig. Never use an actual brush on your wig! 
Featured Here: Touch by Ellen Wille in shade Candy Rooted Blonde

Touch by Ellen Wille

Touch by Ellen Wille was another one of Roxie’s favorites. This was another style that came out of the box practically ready to wear and required minimal styling for the shoot. All they did was change the part and fluff the hair, and it was good to go! 
Roxie’s lips were bedazzled for this wig. She comments that they used lash glue to keep the jewels on. She laughs that it was hard to move her mouth at one point because her lips got stuck together from the glue. 
Featured Here: Well Played by Raquel Welch in shade RL19/23SS + Shaded Biscuit.

Well Played by Raquel Welch

All the models were head over heels for Raquel Welch’s Well Played, especially Maha. She was in love with its soft feel and comfortable fit, even commenting that this heat friendly wig fit her like a glove. She even described it as a “truly put on and go style,” meaning its sleek long tresses didn’t even need to be brushed or finger combed when she took it out of the box. 

Final Thoughts

A Hair Love Story photoshoot is a celebration of love, beauty, and self-expression. As we conclude this recap, this photoshoot reminds us that wigs are more than just a fashion accessory—it's a great way to find love and acceptance in yourself. We hope our journey inspires you to embrace your unique style and embark on your own hair love story. Here’s to finding your own wig match.