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Trending Hair Colors: Ombre

With summer in full swing, we wanted to highlight how the ombre hair trend has remained popular over the last decade. And we can see why! This trend offers a creative way to enhance your look with its striking blend of colors that seamlessly transition from one shade to another. Join us as we delve into what ombre hair is to see if this trend is for you.

What is Ombre Hair?

Ombre is a gradual phase of dark to light. When technique is applied to hair, the roots remain natural or darkened, if need be. The hair fades to a lighter brown, a sandy color, then to blonde ends. 

Ombre doesn’t always have to go from brown to blonde. The color can also start at a dark base and progressively get lighter, too. The objective of the hair is to be gradually blended from one color hue to another, moving shades from dark to light. The key is to blend the colors smoothly or the transition colors will look blocky.

Over the last decade, we have noticed ombre can be achieved with most hair colors, which gives you the freedom to be creative with your hair. We have seen striking ombre hair go from black to silver, brown to red, and even purple to white. 

What is the Difference Between Balayage and Ombre Hair?

Ombre often gets mistaken for balayage. While these two hair trends share similarities, their application techniques and appearance are different. For example, balayage refers to the technique used to give the hair its unique look while ombre is a gradient-like transition of color. 

To achieve balayage, the hair is painted lightly over the surface of the strand, but not saturated until the ends. Rather than using foil, this technique is achieved better by freehand to avoid a harsh contrast. 

A good way to tell the difference between balayage and ombre is how the color transitions through the hair. With ombre, this transition is more dramatic with the color going from dark to light. On the other hand, balayage is more subtle because the bottom of the hair is left darker for a more natural appearance. 

Ombre Wigs

Whether you're seeking a subtle change or a bold statement, ombre wigs provide a versatile option for those looking to experiment with their style without the commitment of permanent dye or spending a fortune at the salon. Check out our favorite ombre wigs from Jon Renau, Estetica, and Hairdo.

Mila by Jon Renau in shade S4-28/32RO Sunrise

S4-28/32RO Sunrise - Mila

In our first entry for ombre wigs, we’re showing off S4-28/32RO Sunrise from Jon Renau’s Cascading Colors Collection. Sunrise has dark brown roots and extends to mid-length that fade into a blend of light natural red blonde and medium natural red that gets progressively lighter to the ends. 

Mila by Jon Renau steals the scene with its dramatic waves that breeze the shoulders. This mid-length synthetic wig has a SmartLace front for a seamless hairline and off-the-face styling. Basic cap construction allows your scalp to breathe. 

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Zara Lite by Jon Renau in shade S8-18/26RO Fawn

S8-18/26RO Fawn - Zara Lite

Go bold with Jon Renau’s S8-18/26RO Fawn. This unique ombre shade is also part of the Cascading Colors Collection. The hair is medium brown from roots to mid length before transitioning to a blend of dark natural ash blonde and red-gold blonde to create a beautiful contrast.

Get the long hair of your dreams with Zara Lite by Jon Renau. This gorgeous synthetic wig falls below the shoulders and has multiple layers for a trendy hairstyle. The cap is 100% hand tied and has a full monofilament top for a natural look with a comfortable feel. The ear to ear lace front gives the illusion of a natural hairline for off-the-face hairstyles. 

Featured Here: Zara Lite by Jon Renau in S8-18/26RO Fawn

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Graydient Storm - Avalon

Estetica’s Gradient Storm is one of our favorite ombre wigs with its dark brown roots that melt into light gray and silver tones towards the ends. This color looks great on the Avalon wig. Its subtle layered haircut and gentle wave pattern not only give this wig volume but show off the ombre effect. The hand tied lace front gives the illusion of a natural hairline.

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Orchid by Estetica in shade Golden Ginger

Golden Ginger - Orchid

For that classic ombre look, check out Estetica’s Golden Ginger. The golden brown roots melt into a soft ginger base with fine light blonde highlights for added dimension and volume. 

Orchid by Estetica gives you a refined look with its side fringe, face-framing layers, and long, loose waves. The open wefted cap is made with Pure Stretch Cap Technology, so you’ll have a comfortable fit. The monofilament part and lace front give this synthetic wig its realistic look.

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Arctic Melt by Hairdo

Purple Ombre - Arctic Melt

In our last entry for ombre wigs, we wanted to show how unique you can take the ombre hair trend. Hairdo’s Arctic Melt wig features a cool toned ombre color that is sure to turn heads. The top of the wig is midnight blue which slowly transitions into a vibrant purple before fading into white lilac for added dimension. 

Arctic Melt by Hairdo has beautiful long hair arranged in a stunning curl pattern that flows past the shoulders. The wispy bangs add a modern touch.  The Tru2Life Heat friendly synthetic fiber allows you to wear the hair curly or smooth it down for a sleek look. 

Featured Here: Arctic Melt by Hairdo

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Final Thoughts

As popular as the ombre hair trend is, there are a variety of styles and shades to suit every taste and personality. Whether you're drawn to the bold hues of Haido’s Arctic Melt or the classic ombre look of Jon Renau’s S8-18/26RO Fawn, there's an ombre wig for you. These wigs will not only give you a stunning new look but also allow you to experiment with different colors effortlessly.

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