Can I swim with a wig on?

FEBRUARY 22, 2023

Remain Precautious

Wearing a wig while swimming is always risky business. Sure, it might be difficult to remove beforehand but if you do decide to test your luck with taking one on the H2O journey, make sure you're careful! Remember that water can cause tangling and matting which leads to frizzed fiber, hair loss and possibly even damage to the cap. If leaving your wig on is a must, we'll share some best practices to keep in mind when entering this precarious situation.
  • Clip your hair up and try to avoid fully submerging it.
  • If you’re planning a full dunk into the water, consider wearing a swim cap and ensure that the fit is snug so that no hair escapes.
  • Waiting to comb or brush your hair once your wig has dried will help prevent tension on the fiber and less shedding
  • Always use a detangler or conditioning spray with a wide tooth comb while detangling and use gentle strokes, from ends to roots.
  • Make sure to cleanse and condition soon after a dip in the pool or ocean. Human hair is especially susceptible to drying out after exposure to chlorine and salt water, and will need a deep conditioning treatment with a hydrating conditioner.
  • Try a shorter style or even a separate wig altogether for these occasions so that you can keep your favorite tresses safe.
In summary, it’s best not to take your hair for a plunge, but if it’s unavoidable, be sure to remember these tips to protect it as best you can!

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