Tips for wearing wigs at the beach

July 11th, 2023

Trip to the beach coming up? Don't let wearing a wig hold you back from enjoying the salty air and warm sand. We've got some simple tips to help you feel confident and keep your wig looking fabulous seaside.
  • Opt for synthetic fiber

    Synthetic wigs hold their style in humid and wet conditions, making them the ideal choice for beachy weather.

  • Leave your favorite wig in the hotel room

    It may be tempting to sport the wig you love the most, but we recommend saving it for dinners out or shopping. If a wig gets ruined that you care less about, it won’t turn your trip upside down.

  • Braids are beach-friendly

    If you’re wearing a longer wig, styling it into braids will help keep it tame especially if it’s a windy day out. Plus they’re super cute paired with a floppy sun hat or head scarf that matches your swimsuit!

  • Skip the waves and wade around instead

    It may seem obvious but we have to say it…stick to shallow depths as opposed to diving in to cool off. Swells tend to be wig-snatchers, even if you’re a pro at swimming in a wig.

  • Moisturize those tresses

    Be sure to cleanse really well to remove any sunscreen, salt water or sand. Leave-in conditioner is your hair’s best friend and will add back the moisture it needs after a day at the beach while also helping to protect it from the sun.

Now go on and embrace the beach life without compromising your style!

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