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Jon Renau Sister Wigs: Showcasing Human Hair Wigs & Their Synthetic Counterparts

When it comes to finding the right wig for your lifestyle, having a couple options ready to go is great for having flawless, perfect hair no matter the occasion. Wigs can be made with synthetic fiber and human hair. While there are no right or wrong answers as to which fiber type is better, it is important to keep in mind what you want out of your wig to determine the right one for you.

For such occasions, we’re spotlighting Jon Renau human hair wigs and their “sister” style in synthetic fiber. One of our popular wig brands Jon Renau is renowned for having stunning wigs in a wide range of colors, hairstyles, lengths, and cap constructions. These “sister wigs” share similarities in style and cap construction, providing you with the flexibility to switch between either fiber type to adapt to your taste and occasion. 

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Jon Renau’s Sister Wigs 



If you LOVE Angie, you’ll enjoy wearing her wig sister Rachel. She shares Angie’s beautiful long, layered haircut that flows past the shoulders for an elegant style. 




Brandy, Blake, and Aria feature sleek, long tresses with a trendy layered cut. The hair falls past the shoulders to give you the long hair of your dreams!

Blake Lite 

Zara Lite

Blake Lite and Zara Lite are practically twins with their long locks and subtle layers. Both wigs even have hand tied monofilament tops with lace fronts for a natural look.

Blake Large  

Sarah Large

Sarah Large is the sister synthetic wig to Blake Large. These long wigs both have hand tied monofilament caps with Jon Renau’s signature SmartLace front for a seamless hairline. Blake Large is made with Remy human hair, so you can easily add waves and curls to achieve Sarah Large’s glamorous look.



If you’re looking for a stylish bob wig similar to Carrie, Elle is perfect for you! Both lace front wigs have face-flattering layers and medium lengths to give you a polished look.

Carrie Hand Tied


Carrie Hand Tied and Kristi have 100% hand tied caps with monofilament tops and lace fronts, so you can have a comfortable fit and natural look of hair growth. Both bob wigs have sleek hair that extends past the chin.




Cameron is the sassy synthetic wig sister to remy human hair wigs Colbie and Margot. These three lace front wigs sport beautiful mid-length bobs and are designed with hand tied monofilament tops for versatile styling.

Carrie Lite 

Cameron Lite

Carrie Lite shares her synthetic wig sister Cameron Lite’s shoulder-length bob and layered hairstyle. Both of their caps are designed with Jon Renau’s SmartLace™ Lite Cap which includes an ear to ear lace front and non-slip grip at the nape for a secure fit. The hand tied monofilament top not only allows you to style the hair however you want but also adds a touch of comfort, too! 



Jennifer and Courtney are two cute lace front wigs with mid-length layered haircuts. If you want to achieve Courtney’s sleek look, you can smooth down Jennifer’s remy human hair for a more polished look.



Achieve your perfect long hair look with Kim and Avery. Whether you prefer human hair or synthetic fiber, both wigs have alluring locks, versatile monofilament tops, and seamless lace fronts.



The beautiful Gwyneth shares her chic layered cut and shoulder length with her synthetic wig sister Karlie. Their hand tied monofilament tops give you the option to style and part the hair in any direction.



If you love the choppy layers of Sienna, you’ll adore her sister style Alessandra’s graduated layered haircut. Both of these wigs are designed to look natural with their hand tied monofilament tops and SmartLace front.

Sienna Lite  

Miranda Lite

Sienna Lite and Miranda Lite are mid-length layered wigs that were made for a realistic appearance and comfort. Their SmartLace™ Lite Caps have a hand tied monofilament top and lace front for a discreet hairline.



Lea and Camilla have beautiful side swept bangs and luxurious long tresses that tumble past shoulders. Their subtle layers give the hair natural movement and volume.



You’ll be smitten with the long, layered hair of Phoenix and her synthetic wig sister Amanda. Their double monofilament tops are great for sensitive scalps!

Final Thoughts

Finding the right wig for your lifestyle is about exploring your options and understanding your personal preferences. Whether you lean towards the low-maintenance appeal of synthetic wigs or the authentic feel and longevity of human hair wigs, there’s a perfect match waiting for you. With renowned brands like Jon Renau offering a stunning array of styles, colors, and cap constructions, you can effortlessly switch between fibers to suit any occasion.

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